• "Sánchez intends to govern a country from disloyalty to the Andalusians, coiled in himself and making decisions that are as improvised as they are unsuccessful"
• "He asked to disembark at the nearest port and he offered the furthest one, which is why the Open Arms itself could not accept going to Algeciras due to the time it takes"
• "Andalusia is a land of solidarity willing to welcome within an agreement with the government of Spain and with the rest of the autonomous communities"

The deputy secretary general of the Andalusian Popular Party, Toni Martín, has stated that the acting president of the Government of Spain "has once again demonstrated his contempt and the contempt of the PSOE for Andalusia by offering the Port of Algeciras to the Open Arms without consulting or notifying the Andalusian Government, acting with the usual improvisations and making clear its incapacity to exercise a good government”.

“Sánchez is wrapped up in himself and intends to govern a country from disloyalty to the Andalusians, making decisions without counting on anyone or caring about anyone, hence they are as unsuccessful as the Open Arms decision itself has made clear, due to the distance from Algeciras and the time it would take to get to this port”.

“Sánchez has gone from asking for two weeks to disembark in the nearest port to offering the most distant, which calls into question both his commitment and his ability to govern, which is always full of improvisations that end up affecting the Spanish and the Andalusians.

Martín has clarified that "Andalusia is a land and a host, and for this reason, as the Andalusian President Juanma Moreno has already said, we are willing to welcome immigrants within an agreement with the Spanish government and with the rest of the autonomous communities, without lack of institutional loyalty as Pedro Sánchez has done”.

"Sánchez's decision, protected by a disoriented PSOE, is a contempt for Andalusia and our autonomy, making this decision without consulting the regional government, which is the one who appoints the Port Authority of the Bay of Algeciras."

“It is surprising that Sánchez has not been able to offer other ports closer to the Open Arms situation, such as the port of Barcelona, ​​which is much closer to where the Open Arms is currently located than the port of Algeciras”.

Thus, Martín has regretted that this is "one more proof of the contempt of the PSOE of Sánchez for Andalusia in the face of other communities, making our land a victim of its lurches and pretending to trample it and ignore it as the socialists have done at the head of the Junta for four decades”.

"From the Andalusian Popular Party we make it very clear to Pedro Sánchez and the PSOE that we are not going to consent to their contempt for Andalusia, much less that they intend to continue trampling it and putting up barriers, for which we demand that they be coherent and loyal with our autonomy , with our institutions and with all the Andalusian citizens”.