• Regrets that the Executive of the PSOE evades the payment of the 4.000 million euros of additional financing to Andalusia while it intends to collect 1.200 million a year with these tolls on state-owned highways
• The PPA will take initiatives to Parliament and the town halls, and urges the PSOE of Susana Díaz to say if they agree with the "fiscal robbery" of Pedro Sánchez
• "The Government of Juanma Moreno will not charge tolls for roads owned by the autonomous community because in Andalusia a great effort is being made to lower taxes"
The deputy secretary general of the Andalusian Popular Party, Toni Martín, has questioned whether "the toll that Pedro Sánchez has to pay to the Catalan and Basque parties for his support for the investiture is a toll that we Spaniards and each and every one of us have to pay the Andalusian".

Thus, the popular party has denounced the "fiscal voracity" of the acting government of the PSOE that "intends to charge for driving on roads that until now were free", which, he explained, "is putting his hand back into the pocket of citizens for an amount of no less than 1.200 million euros per year”.

Martín has raised whether this measure of the Socialist Executive responds to the fact that "to lower the tolls of other communities that have toll highways, such as the Basque Country and Catalonia, Pedro Sánchez's formula is that we all pay it together", while he has lamented that the acting president becomes the "longui" when it comes to addressing the 4.000 million euros of additional financing that he owes to the community of Andalusia.

For these reasons, the Andalusian Popular Party is going to present an initiative in Parliament and motions in the Andalusian town halls to "demand the Government of Spain to know if it is true that they want to implement this tax for the use of highways that are now free and to know also what roads we are talking about”.

In this sense, Martín explained that the state-owned road network in Andalusia is "extensive", since it includes the A-4, A-32, A-44, A-45, A-48, A-49, A-66, A-7, the section of the A-91 through the northern branch and ring roads in Andalusian cities.

"What does Susana Díaz have to say about this tax robbery", asked the general deputy secretary of the popular Andalusians, requiring at the same time to verify "if the PSOE of Andalusia agrees with this measure, which will have an impact in a recession scenario economy in the coming years and will affect the destruction of employment”.

"The charge for driving on highways will mainly affect workers, especially those who work in the capitals but live in metropolitan areas or towns in the provinces."
Likewise, it has also indicated how with this toll that the PSOE government intends to impose "would be paid twice for the same thing", since "the maintenance of state highways is made with the General State Budget, that is, from the money that everyone puts out of their pocket”. "We are going to pay for it with our taxes and with the toll, twice," he clarified.

"The highways have always been free in Spain, and even in the worst economic crisis, the possibility of establishing a toll on the Spanish and Andalusian highways has never been raised," explained Martín, at the same time assuring that "the Government of Juanma Moreno is not going to charge tolls on the roads owned by the autonomous communities that are free, because in Andalusia every effort is being made to lower taxes”.