• "The Shock Plan that begins today in public hospitals and with SAS personnel shows who cares about healthcare and does not try to cover up their disability"
• "Juanma Moreno is approving concrete measures against depopulation because this is the time to act in Andalusia and not in 20 years"
• Highlights the PPA's support for hunting and bullfighting, which "generate activity and jobs linked to traditional ways of life in rural Andalusia"
The deputy secretary general of the PP-A, Toni Martín, affirmed today in Cádiz that Susana Díaz "cheated solitary" by making up the waiting lists and that "the PPA is not going to do it." He added that the reality is that there are 850.000 Andalusians waiting for the SAS to attend to them and if Díaz preferred to hide 500.000 of these Andalusians, she will have to explain herself. Instead of questioning the truth, she would ask him to try to look them in the face and ask for their forgiveness.

Martín referred in this way to the entry into operation today of the Shock Plan of the Andalusian government to reduce health waiting lists and stressed that "it is launched with 25 million euros and with members of the Andalusian health service, in public hospitals and with SAS personnel”. He assured that "it is the demonstration of who cares about health and does not try to cover up their lack of ability to manage" as the PSOE did.

The popular leader affirmed that the change of government has given Andalusians "access to uncomfortable truths and perhaps the biggest of them is that under the rug there were 500.000 Andalusians who were at home waiting to be called to be attended." “Behind each case –he said- there is personal suffering and we are not going to make up the lists. Susana Díaz must assume the loss of the government and face her new opposition situation, instead of fleeing forward both outside her and within her party.

Toni Martín also alluded to the "historic demonstration" of small municipalities held yesterday in Madrid and warned that "although in Andalusia we suffer less from the effects of depopulation than in other communities, it is time to act and not in 20 years, when be more complicated."
In this sense, he announced that the PPA will bring to the FAMP, which has a specific working group, the need to strengthen the policies of all administrations in rural areas.

He affirmed that "it is easy to fill your mouth and go to a demonstration, but the rural environment needs concrete measures from the governments." He assured that the government of Juanma Moreno is already working for rural areas with measures such as extending the flat rate for the self-employed to 24 months and creating a super reduced rate of 30 euros for women who undertake an activity in municipalities with less than 5.000 inhabitants. He also pointed out the importance of the fact that in a few weeks the government has already been working on a Competitiveness Plan for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.

Martín explained that in order to try to fix the population to the territory, the support of the PPA to the hunting and bullfighting sectors is important, which "generate activity and jobs linked to the traditional ways of life in rural Andalusia." He pointed out that the PPA has registered today in the Andalusian Parliament a non-Ley Proposal in defense and support of bullfighting.

Finally, the popular leader assured that "we must be consistent, since when a reform of the electoral law is requested so that all votes are worth the same, the less populated provinces are being punished, which have positive discrimination to alleviate their difficulties and lack of weight in decision-making”.