• The parliamentary spokesperson of the PP, Toni Martín, reproaches that “although the Executives are there to tear down walls and build bridges, it is the first time that we have a Government that builds walls of inequality between the Spanish people and that, de facto, the Andalusians are has become second-class Spaniards”
• Considers that after “the inequalities observed in the new Government Pact in Spain”, the PP of Andalusia “has been left alone in defense of the interests of our land because the rest of the parties seem to have other priorities”

The spokesperson for the Popular Group in the Andalusian Parliament, Toni Martín, denounced today that the photo of the new Government of Pedro Sánchez "is the photo of the Government that has built a damn wall that has caused a division among the Spanish people." “It is curious that, until now, governments were there to tear down walls and tear down inequalities, but it is the first time that we have a Government that builds walls of inequality among Spaniards and that, de facto, has turned us Andalusians into Spaniards of Second, we no longer have the same rights as those of other communities.”

At a press conference, the parliamentary spokesperson considered that the agreements signed by the PSOE to ensure governability allow us to confirm that "the PP of Andalusia has been left alone in defending the interests of our land."

“We are the only ones who hold the flag of Andalusia high, because the rest of the groups, some on the left and others on the right, seem to have other priorities,” he highlighted, ensuring that “in that effort, which is our commitment to our land and with the voters of Andalusia, we are going to continue as long as it takes.”

In this sense, and after pointing out that "we face the future with concern and uncertainty because now we no longer have the same rights as citizens of other territories", he stated that the Andalusian PP "will maintain their demands" to address the problems and challenges that the community must face.

“The time of promises has ended and now the time for realities,” stressed Martín, who has insisted on the urgency of putting forward the proposals as soon as possible since it is a “continuity government” that maintains two of the five ministers. Andalusians who started the last legislature. Thus, first of all, he has demanded the urgent convening of the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council so that a new financing system can be faced "and, once and for all, Andalusia stops suffering from a harmful system" that causes it to lose 1.000 million euros annually for a decade.

Likewise, he has reiterated the demand that the Government of Pedro Sánchez begin the pending hydraulic infrastructure works with Andalusia as soon as possible. "The situation of the reservoirs is absolutely dramatic, we cannot continue waiting for these commitments regarding water infrastructure, they have to be undertaken once and for all and they have to be done urgently."

Along with this, he has pointed out that "it is time for the Government of Spain to support the recognition of our autonomous community as a community with water and climate uniqueness", in such a way that this recognition translates into a special sensitivity on the part of the European Union “especially in investments that help foresee a future that, in principle, is not at all promising from a climate point of view.”

The parliamentary spokesperson has added to the list of pending demands the respect by the new Government of Spain for the fiscal autonomy of the autonomous communities, “something that has not happened in the last legislature and that seriously conditions the economic and financial perspectives and approaches. which are done by the Government of Andalusia, for example, every time the budgets of the Autonomous Community are proposed.”

The extension of the MIR call or compliance with the State Pact for the care of Dependency, "because it cannot be that we continue without receiving 50% of the funds that correspond to us for the provision of these services", are other of the demands that Martin mentioned in his speech and that, he noted, “we will continue to demand from this Chamber” to the new Executive.