• The Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament will hear the demands of Afaran, pharmaceutical professionals and patient associations in April

• Socialist MEPs have tried to “veto” the debate, which will finally be held thanks to the “unanimous support” of the PP MEPs for the petitioners

The deputy secretary of the Andalusian PP Welfare Society, Ana Mestre, has denounced the "disproportionate effort" of the PSOE to prevent a debate on the auction of medicines by the Junta de Andalucía in the European Parliament.

Mestre explained that the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament has adopted for the month of April the debate on the auction of medicines in Andalusia thanks to the support of the MEPs of the Popular Party and despite the attempt of the socialist group to prevent the discussion in said commission , in which the petitioners, "who are pharmaceutical professionals and patient associations" want to make MEPs and the European Parliament aware of the damage that the auction of medicines launched by Susana Díaz's executive is causing them.

He regretted that this strategy of "muzzling rights and freedom of expression" in the European Parliament is "led by the Andalusian MEPs of the PSOE", who, moreover, "continue to admit that they will not stop trying to prevent the auction from being discussed in the Eurocámara, just to prevent the failed management of Susana Díaz and 40 years of socialism from being exposed in Europe ”

Mestre stressed that in the face of the "purely partisan and economist criteria of the Andalusian government" the PP "will continue to support professionals, Afaran, and patient associations that have been fighting for years to reverse the situation."

"The auction of medicines is a perverse system that the Board has created, which generates discrimination between Andalusians and Spaniards, and which has proven counterproductive and harmful, as is the case of polymedicated patients who currently have doubts about their own medication because constantly and because of the Board they are changing their treatment ».

«The European Parliament – ​​he said – will listen to Afaran in April, no matter how much this exercise of democracy weighs on the Socialist Party and Susana Díaz. They are going to claim the freedom to access the drugs that are best for them according to their illnesses on an equal basis with the rest of Spain”. "This auction will be studied in the European Parliament and professionals who are not listened to in Andalusia will have a voice," he added.

The popular leader said that "when we talk about health, economic criteria cannot prevail, savings cannot prevail over the quality of drugs", and recalled that in Andalusia, with the auction, "all medicines are from the XNUMXth century and only one is from the XNUMXst century.