• The Treasury spokesman for the Popular Parliamentary Group reproaches the councilor for the "bumping" of the Board and demands that he "remove doubts" about the budget presentation schedule
• Demands dialogue with the parties to be able to approve the accounts before the end of the year and "more ambition" to prevent the "divergence" of Andalusia from continuing with other regions

The spokesman for Finance of the Popular Group in the Parliament of Andalusia, José Antonio Miranda, has warned that "the Junta's Budgets for 2019 are going to consolidate the fiscal grievance of the Andalusians" and has demanded that the Andalusian government make an "effort ” to “dialogue” with the parties and “demonstrate the ability to agree” since the PSOE does not have an absolute majority to approve the budget alone.

"You cannot consolidate the fiscal grievance or the same policies of 40 years ago that have led us to the last positions in the regions of Europe," said the people's deputy, who asked if "consolidating the Inheritance tax and donations". In this sense, he recalled that in Andalusia, if a father gives his son, unemployed and with three dependent children, 10.000 euros "to get out of the pothole", he has to pay this tax.

Miranda made these statements during the appearance of the Minister of Economy, Antonio Ramírez de Arellano, at the proposal of the PP, to explain the work being carried out by the Andalusian government to prepare the Junta's budgets for 2019.

He criticized the "bumps" of the Díaz government on the budgets and the "uncertainty" that the lack of clarity of the Board is generating, "that one day talks about an extension and another puts October 31 as done." "We hope that the budgets are on time," said Miranda, who insisted on the "mistake" that "consolidating the Board's tax policy" will mean.

"It cannot be that Andalusians have to pay more taxes than other citizens when we have the same right to access public services," he said; while he explained that while in Andalusia the maximum rate of personal income tax is 25,5%, in Madrid it is 21%, four and a half points less. In addition, she drew attention to the fact that both the PSOE and Ciudadanos in Andalusia have raised taxes on those who earn more than 60.000 euros a year, but Minister Montero refuses to adopt the same measure at the state level.

He called for "greater ambition" in the elaboration of the budgets to "change the divergence for convergence", and avoid that there is income that is going to be taxed to other communities with more tax advantages.

“After 40 years, the same failed policies are still applied instead of those that have proven successful. An instrument of convergence as important as the regional budgets cannot be wasted ”, he concluded.