• "Díaz continues with the same slogans of Chaves from twenty years ago, but he does not say anything about what the PSOE does in Spain"
• Calls for a "civic revolt" from young people in the face of a "lazy government" incapable of putting Andalusia in its place

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, has criticized today in Seville the attitude of the socialist candidate, Susana Díaz, during this electoral campaign and warned her that she can repeat the mistake of the PSOE Primaries held a year ago, for "selling victory before the citizens go to the polls”.
Moreno accused Díaz of "selling the bear's skin before hunting it" and recalled that a year ago he "lost miserably" in the Primaries and it will happen to him again next year. December 2. He asked him "not to advance events and respect the verdict of the Andalusians at the polls."
The leader of the Andalusian PP described this attitude as that of "arrogant socialism, which would take away the ballot boxes directly, why would they hold elections if they already have a winner here, if this is the farmhouse of the Socialist Party".
For the PP candidate, Susana Díaz continues with "the same slogans of Chaves from 20 years ago, he asks that those who condemn his management not attack Andalusia and I still have not heard a single proposal from him, not a single word about whether agrees with the performance of his party in Spain through Pedro Sánchez.
In the act with the youth organization Nuevas Generaciones, Juanma Moreno asked them for "a great civic revolt to help me awaken Andalusia, to move and shake the consciences of Andalusians."
“We have to show our pride and rebellion -he added- in the face of an unfair situation with young Andalusians who have to emigrate to seek a better future. 142.000 young people have not had the option of FP, because a lazy, lazy government, incapable of putting Andalusia in its place”.