• The president of the Andalusian PP assures that Susana Díaz "has lost the illusion of being president, she only shows illusion for something when she gets on the lectern of her primary campaign"
  • He encourages the members of the PP-A to fight for the common objective of governing in Andalusia and insists that his first measure as president will be to subsidize the inheritance tax

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, has assured this Saturday that "socialism in Andalusia is coming to an end" and has reminded Susana Díaz that "you cannot be president of the Junta de Andalucía when the seven days of the week to travel around Spain to defend a personal ambition while Andalusians suffer from problems in education, a million people unemployed and hundreds of thousands on waiting lists for Health”.

Juanma Moreno, who has intervened in the provincial congresses of Granada and Malaga, has referred to the rallies offered yesterday by Susana Díaz and Pedro Sánchez in Seville, in which, he has assured, "there was no talk of the future for Andalusia or for Spain , they only disqualified each other”.

The president of the Andalusian PP has indicated that Susana Díaz “has lost the illusion of being president, she only shows illusion when she gets on the lectern of her primary campaign and says that she is 100 percent PSOE. But how little interest she puts in solving the problems of the Andalusians ”.

Moreno has affirmed that the president of the Junta "has lost the South and has also lost the North, she has allowed herself to be carried away by her personal ambition." She has pointed out that "as an Andalusian, I cannot see that Andalusia is the leader in unemployment, in prefabricated classrooms, that there are 3,6 million people at risk of exclusion and that our president does not dedicate a minute to these problems."

He has accused Susana Díaz of "breaking her commitment, because she said she would not leave Andalusia, and Andalusia cannot be a consolation prize, Andalusians deserve more ambition." Andalusia has been mistreated by the Andalusian government, it is the second community that invests the least in infrastructure, and the one that invested the least in employment policies in 2016”. In this regard, he stressed that, despite the fact that Andalusians suffer the highest unemployment rate, the Board has stopped spending 2.300 million euros on employment policies, "lost due to their inability to manage, and they have the relief of demand an employment plan from the Government of Spain”.

“It annoys me that 110.000 young Andalusians have not been able to access Vocational Training, it annoys me to see a wonderful land with enormous potential managed by people who have no interest, who do not want a better Andalusia. Today I tell you: we are going to change Andalusia, we are going to set a course for progress, development and employment ”, she assured.

Juanma Moreno has said that the Andalusian PP is the only party capable of and with a project to make "the transformation that hundreds of thousands of Andalusians are wanting", and has recalled that "when I am president of the Junta, the first decision I will adopt will be remove the inheritance and gift tax”. “That tax – she said – has to go down in history, because it is enough that they put their hand in our pockets, to the work of a lifetime that we want to leave as a legacy to our children”. "This tax is not serving to improve Andalusia but to make its machinery bigger to try to win the elections," she assured.

Moreno has encouraged the members of the Andalusian PP to fight for the common goal of governing Andalusia. “I ask you to work tirelessly to achieve this dream, that we give ourselves as on other occasions, that we give our all. This is the path, as in Spain, where a great president, Mariano Rajoy, has made the great transformation of this country", he stated, and recalled that "once again it has been the PP that has raised the country, we are the country in the whole of the West that is going to grow the most next year, and we cannot truncate that”.

“This is our attitude: loyalty to the project, commitment and work. For Mrs. Díaz, Andalusia is a place of passage; for us, our destiny. They have put Andalusia at their service, we are at the service of the Andalusians. Susana Díaz and the PSOE are bored by Andalusia, for us it is our illusion and our hope ”, she indicated.

Moreno concluded by asking the members of the Andalusian PP to "focus on our objective starting tomorrow. We have the talent, the projects, the programs, we are prepared to make history in Andalusia”. "I ask you to help me make a new History of Andalusia, to build something that you will feel proud of, I ask you to help me build the Andalusia that the Andalusians deserve."