· "If Sánchez becomes president again, he will place us back in the crisis and the rescission, it will lead us back to unemployment and suffering"

· He again urges Sánchez to retract "the big lie" about gender-based violence workers: "If he doesn't, he shows little moral character as president"

· "The change in Andalusia motivates the vote for the PP because it has produced hope, a future and a breath of fresh air"

The president of the Andalusian Popular Party, Juanma Moreno, stated today in Córdoba that the EPA for the first quarter confirms that "when one has a roadmap, things work and, therefore, Andalusia leads the creation of employment in Spain." However, she pointed out that the data from the EPA in Spain "is devastating and is the clearest indicator of the failure of Sánchez-Zapatero's socialist policies."

He recalled that this EPA "coincides with the new government in Andalusia and while tens of thousands of Spaniards have lost their jobs, 15.900 jobs have been created in Andalusia." He assured that these are "two different models and we have shown in three months that public accounts can be put in order and talent can be given confidence to invest."

He affirmed that "whenever the PP has governed, it has straightened out the socialist heritage." He referred to the crises of the early 90s with Felipe González and the one of 2008 with Zapatero "with an 80.000 million deficit and millions of people ruined in the worst social catastrophe in recent history."

He assured that "Sánchez is the worse version of Zapatero and if he becomes president again he will put us back in the crisis and the rescission, he will take us back to unemployment and suffering."

On the other hand, Moreno urged Sánchez to take advantage of his presence in Andalusia to retract "the big lie" about the blacklists of gender-based violence workers "with a document to make public workers look bad." "A president - he said - he cannot lie and must retract, if he does not show little moral character as president."

He also warned of the "added disaster" of the government partners that Sánchez would have and assured that he will be president "in exchange for transfers of the territorial integrity of Spain, in exchange for breaking and limiting the great project of Spain." He added "that can only be avoided by the PP and Pablo Casado."

Juanma Moreno warned of the division of the vote and stated that "there can only be two presidents, so there are no shortcuts, there is only one safe path and I trust who I have seen govern."



The president of the PPA ironized those who say that you have to vote for the PSOE so that what has happened in Andalusia does not happen and affirmed that "that is precisely what motivates the vote for the PP because in Andalusia what has occurred is change, hope, the future and a breath of fresh air”

Moreno reviewed his management balance sheet with more than 170 measures in a hundred days, of which he highlighted the reduction in taxes and the elimination of Inheritance and Gift Tax. "They told me that I was lying on the campaign trail because socialists are used to doing one thing and saying another, but we do what we say and say what we do, my moral obligation was to keep my word."