• “Díaz's complicit silence is surprising when we talk about brothels, Board cards, public money and lies in Parliament”
• "In a month we have gone from a government close to Andalusia to a government that turns its back on us and Díaz has gone from a lion to a little lamb"
• Regarding the meeting between Sánchez and Torra: "We are concerned about what may be being negotiated and what was negotiated before the motion of no confidence"

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, affirmed today that spending 15.000 euros in a brothel with a Faffe card "is a sign that the Andalusian socialist government is exhausted not only in ideas but also in ethical terms and regeneration ”. For this reason, he assured that "Andalusia needs a change of government and a regeneration like May rain to open the windows and that we know what has happened during years of socialist abuses in Andalusia."

Moreno considered "very serious that cards with public money were used from a public institution to pay in a brothel", for which "Díaz's complicit silence is surprising." He also pointed out the "high responsibility" of the Andalusian government that "has lied in parliament on this matter."

He recalled that the PPA has been asking about payments with the Board's cards for many months and assured that "we want to know the details of the expenses, we know that there are more cards and we want to know what use has been made of them and if there are other cards in other bodies of the Board”.

On the other hand, Juanma Moreno expressed his concern because "in little more than a month the Government of Spain has relegated Andalusia, we have gone from a government close to the problems, which has collaborated with loyalty, to a government that turns its back on it to Andalusia”. I add that "we do not know if it is the result of the coldness of the relations between Sánchez and Díaz, but we Andalusians do not have to pay the piper for the internal disputes of the PSOE."

The popular leader denounced the "enormous opacity" of the agreements between Sánchez and the president of Catalonia and expressed his concern about "the favorable treatment of Catalonia in terms of financing, because we always defend equality among Spaniards so that we are equal in services ”. "We are concerned," he said, "what may be being negotiated and what was negotiated before the motion of no confidence."

In this sense, he added that the Andalusian government has gone from "lion to lamb in a month and is unable to demand from the new government what it demanded before." Thus he pointed out that "in a month we have gone from talking every day about a new financing model and an additional 4.000 million that are necessary to provide services in Andalusia, to seeing how Sánchez slams Díaz and no longer talks about financing ”.


The president of the PPA, who today visited the Red Cross immigrant reception center in Algeciras, pointed out that the Sánchez government "does not put means and resources in Andalusia." "In the face of this avalanche," he said, "we need strict coordination between administrations and a policy that is visible, coherent, reasonable, and agreed upon." He affirmed that the Sánchez government "is more in media politics and gestures but not in real politics with content."

Moreno referred to the situation of the centers for minors "which are overwhelmed and the workers denounce precariousness and lack of means that the national and Andalusian governments have to make available to them."