• "It is easier to improve municipalities with mayors who are in tune with the city model and the management vision of the Andalusian Government"
The president of the Andalusian Popular Party and the Board, Juanma Moreno, has encouraged the voters in an act in the city of Córdoba to support the mayors of the PP "so that they follow the rhythm of the Board of reforms and improvements for our land" .

Moreno has indicated that from the Government of Change "we treat all Andalusians equally, and we are not like the socialists, who treated the neighbors well or badly depending on who governed the municipality, but it is easier to make improvements" in the towns and cities of Andalusia with mayors who "are in tune with the city model and the management vision" of the Andalusian Government, such as "the mayors of the Popular Party".

"We need mayors who have the ambition to start drawing a better future for their neighbors with the ability, desire and talent to want to transform the city."
For all this, the Andalusian president has encouraged citizens to bet on the PP in the next electoral appointment for the municipalities and their mayors, "the only viable, possible and real option."