• "Díaz is terrified of an agreement on financing because he lives to isolate the PP"

• Denounces that Andalusia does not take advantage of "the strong tailwind of recovery" because the policies of the Board are a "disaster"

• Advocates for a package of urgent reforms to lower taxes, clean up red tape, invest more and govern better

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, announced today in the control session of the Parliament of Andalusia that the Government of Spain will reduce the number of peonadas from 35 to 20 "so that no one loses their right to agricultural income." He explained that the measure will be retroactive from September 2017 and guarantees that 205.000 farm workers will receive the agricultural subsidy despite the drought.

Moreno pointed out that it is the third time that the Rajoy government has taken this measure and shows that it is "sensitive" towards Andalusia. He pointed out that the PPA has promoted this measure through a modification in the bill to alleviate the effects of the drought that will be approved in the Senate.

The president of the Andalusian PP also referred to a possible agreement on regional financing and assured that Díaz "will have very few problems with the PPA if they have the will." However, he assured that Díaz "is terrified of an agreement on financing because he lives to isolate the PP and breaks its headline."

He accused Díaz of "maintaining the same discourse for 40 years" and warned that "nobody anymore believes that the PSOE are the good guys who defend Andalusia and the PP the bad guys who betray it."


Juanma Moreno affirmed that unemployment is the main problem facing Andalusia and assured that "we are not taking sufficient advantage of the strong tailwind of economic recovery as other communities that do their homework at the regional level do." Thus, she wondered "how much employment we could create if we did things right".

He pointed out that the registered unemployment data released today show that unemployment fell in the last year at a slower rate than in Spain, 1,2 points less, and job creation has also slowed down.

He assured that the Junta's employment policies are "a disaster" and pointed out that "the training centers for the unemployed are tightly closed and only 8.000 unemployed are benefiting from the training courses, despite the fact that it has been more than year and a half that announced the reactivation”. He also reproached Díaz for not spending 2.365 million euros on active employment policies, 6.700 million on productive investments and 5.000 million from European funds.

He also pointed out that 70% of the budget for the self-employed is not executed, that the Talent Return Plan for the return of young emigrants has been "a resounding failure" and that "in December, with nocturnal and treachery, it took 25 million euros to the use of the Interterritorial Compensation Funds”.

Moreno affirmed that "we have to be more ambitious" and "a president who leads a social revolution that activates all the resources and capacities of Andlaucía that are now paralyzed due to lack of management and interest." He called for a package of urgent reforms to "lower more taxes, clean up red tape, invest more and govern better."