• Announces a vice-presidency of Agriculture, less taxes, elimination of bureaucracy and the full use of European funds
• Commits a Special Plan for Cádiz with 100 million in a legislature so that the province "stops being the epicenter of unemployment in Spain and Andalusia"

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, expressed today in Chipiona his "iron commitment" to the agro-industrial sector to "get more added value" from an activity that in Andalusia has "a future, capacity and hard-working people, with talent and ideas". During his visit to the Chipiona Catholic Agricultural Cooperative Winery, Moreno announced his intention that agriculture have a "very important space" in his government, which will have a vice presidency to work in this fundamental sector in Andalusia.

The president of the PPA assured that Agriculture "has to be in the political debate every day" and outlined the main government measures in this matter and assured that "the agricultural sector needs changes and less bureaucracy."

He assured that we now have "a slow and paralyzed administration that puts administrative procedures at every step" and advocated "giving free space to producers and deregulating so that producers have an easier time creating jobs and developing their exploitation."

Moreno pointed out that "we cannot lose a single euro of European funds due to lack of management" and denounced that "further proof of the evident administrative paralysis" of the Board is that in recent years more than 1.000 have failed to execute million euros of European funds, which "would have been an element of revitalization and wealth"

He added that farmers will be one of the sectors that will benefit most from the "massive tax reduction" to be carried out by the PPA government and explained that it will eliminate the Inheritance and Donations Tax, will reduce Transmission Tax to the level of the Community of Madrid and will reduce the regional sections of personal income tax and public rates and prices.

He also pointed out his commitment to rejuvenate the sector and announced "facilities for the transmission and donation of farms so that second generations can be incorporated and there is a generational renewal."


Juanma Moreno also referred to the PAC negotiation, in which "we risk our lives", for which he called for a "enormous effort not to lose a penny and achieve the same thing that the PP government achieved a few years ago in a tough and intense negotiation”.

In addition, he pointed out that the regional government must "go a step further in promoting our products in emerging markets and favor internationalization."


On the other hand, Moreno announced that if the president of the Junta in the first term of government will launch a Special Plan for Cádiz so that the province "ceases to be the epicenter of unemployment in Spain and Andalusia." He pointed out that the plan will have a calendar of actions and an economic endowment of at least 100 million euros in the first legislature to "lay solid foundations for the creation of stable employment", taking advantage of the vitality of the agri-food, tourism and industrial sectors.

He explained that the objective is to reactivate the Cadiz economy to attract national and foreign investment so that the province becomes a pole of attraction and "drag for every public euro, two euros of private investment."

He pointed out that Cádiz must integrate the efforts of the State, the Autonomous Community and the municipalities to "put Cádiz at the center of social and economic attention".