• The PP has requested the appearance of the Ministers of Industry and Ecological Transition in Congress and the Senate
• Asks Díaz to put into operation "all the resources of the administration" and his "influence" in the Government to avoid the closure, and gives him the support of the Andalusian PP for this

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, held a meeting this morning with the Works Council and the workers of the cement company Cemex, in the Almería municipality of Gádor, who are facing the announcement of an ERE and the closure of the plant by the multinational.

Moreno expressed his "solidarity and absolute support" for the demands of a "young" workforce that, he stressed, "has turned to making the company productive, profitable and has a future." The workforce –he said- "does not deserve an ERE that would leave families unemployed and job helpless and that would seriously and irreversible to the municipality of Gádor and to the entire region”.

In this sense, he thanked the work being done by the mayoress of Gádor, the popular Lourdes Ramos, "who is removing Rome with Santiago to avoid the closure."

The Popular Party has requested the appearance in Congress and the Senate of the Ministers of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, Reyes Maroto, and of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, so that they report on the measures that the Government of Pedro Sánchez intends to adopt to avoid the closure.

He said that "we do not understand the reasons why the multinational closes its plant in Gádor", and assured that "there are viable alternatives"; so he called for negotiation. Moreno appealed to political unity and offered the support of the PP to "support any action from the political, social and union point of view to avoid the ERE and the closure."

"Andalusia is not ready to close plants," said the president of PP Andaluz, who stated that the community has lost a lot of industrial weight. "In the last fifteen years we have fallen back practically five points within the industrial GDP, a sector that behaves well in crises because it holds up well to employment and that is essential in our economy," he stressed.

Thus, he demanded that the president of the Junta, Susana Díaz, “apply herself to the maximum, put all the resources of the Junta into operation, which are powerful, and all the political influence that she can exert in the Government of the Nation, which it is of the same political color, to save the situation ».
"Among all of us, it will be possible to avoid a catastrophe in family, social and labor terms," ​​said Juanma Moreno, who reiterated his "unconditional support" for what he described as "an emergency situation."

In addition, he said that he hopes that the negotiations to be held starting tomorrow "will be fruitful." «I hope that Cemex thinks big, that it is not only thinking about profitability, but also about the reputational image and prestige of the company, about the workers. It is thinking about something beyond an income statement », she concluded.