• Remember that the Popular Group has taken this initiative to Parliament for 25 years
• Criticizes the lack of will of the Andalusian Government and the position of Cs that has never defended incorporating this infrastructure in the budgets
• Asserts that in recent weeks the time for comedy and theater has begun between the PSOE and Cs
• He points out that Cs has set the landing strip for Díaz so that he has the argument to dissolve parliament and call elections when it suits him best.
The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, has affirmed today that the unfolding of the A-483 highway between Almonte and Matalascañas will be one of the demands of the electoral program of the Andalusian PP in view of the next regional elections, at the same time that committed to the fact that if he is elected president of the Board in the first budget that he prepares, he will include an item for this action in order to make it a reality.

Moreno, who has met in Huelva with representatives of the Platform for the unfolding of this road, has described this claim as necessary, fair and timely.

In this sense, he recalled that the Popular Group took the first initiative to the Andalusian Parliament in 1993, which is why it has been demanding this split for 25 years as well as an urgent investment.

The popular Andalusian leader has pointed out that the unfolding of this road is essential since, as he explained, the traffic in this area is dense, passing through this road more than twelve thousand vehicles and multiplying this figure in the summer periods until reaching the twenty thousand.

In addition, he has indicated that to this is added that in this area the access to the beaches and many farms converge, and vehicles and heavy machinery that join road traffic, trucks and buses must travel on this road.

"This highway creates a problem because it is overwhelmed by the density of vehicles and is causing accidents and deaths," he added.

Moreno has appealed to the need to create a safer road network that allows more agile and faster road traffic because, as he has said, this influences safety and the rise of agriculture and tourism, which are the great engines from Huelva.

“We do not understand the PSOE's lack of arguments in this matter because there are no reasons not to carry it out. This is an example of a clear lack of political will on the part of the PSOE to solve this problem”.

Thus, he has criticized the attitude of Cs that after three legislatures in which they have been the support of Andalusian socialism they have been unable to incorporate this infrastructure into the budgets. "From the Andalusian PP we will continue to fight in Parliament so that this problem is solved once and for all."

Theater between PSOE and CS

In another order of things, the president of the popular Andalusians has affirmed that we have seen in recent weeks how the time of comedy and theater has begun between the PSOE and Cs to do this the last great favor to Susana Díaz and that it is another to put the runway so that it has the argument and the story to dissolve parliament and call elections when it suits you best.

At this point, he has stated that it has been the government of Pedro Sánchez that has recognized that an economic slowdown is taking place and has indicated that we have seen it is the first time that more jobs have been destroyed in decades, reaching 300.000 jobs in one day, which means destroying what has taken a long time to build.

"Since the PSOE and Sánchez have come to the Government of Spain, Zapatero's policies have returned with a lack of reforms, expansion of public spending and with an economy that is languishing again."

For this reason, he has regretted that with this the PSOE has not had another occurrence than to create one more variable of institutional and political uncertainty such as the electoral advance. “This supposes an enormous irresponsibility that all Andalusians will pay for. Susana Díaz thinks first of her, then of the PSOE and, finally, of Andalusia ”, she has concluded.