• Ensures that Díaz must sing the mea culpa for not knowing how to manage the interests of Andalusia

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, today described the socialist management of education in Andalusia as "disastrous", as reflected in the Pisa Report, the BBVA Report or the Ministry of Education, at the same time that he regretted This translates into fewer opportunities for Andalusian children”.

Moreno, who has attended the delivery of the II Alberto Jiménez-Becerril Journalistic Award in Seville, has stated that they are not going to participate in any soap opera since, as he has asserted, "when socialism is exhausted, when it has no ambition and when it is an absolute failure in Andalusia in terms of management, which cannot lead us to a soap opera”.

“Yesterday we saw on a cover saying that there are 4.315 million euros investigated by the Justice for fraudulent practices and today they come out with a soap opera. The important thing is that a woman has died waiting for an ambulance in Andalusia or that the roof has fallen in the civil hospital in Malaga ”, she asserted.

For this reason, it has stressed that Andalusia is badly managed and has appealed to the need to put an end to this bad management.

"Andalusians are aware that education is poorly managed and Susana Díaz should sing mea culpa for not knowing how to manage the interests of Andalusia", he concluded.