• "I can't understand why they don't propose it on public television," said Moreno.
• He wonders why the socialist candidate does not want all Andalusians to see a debate on the future of Andalusia

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, today in Huelva challenged the PSOE candidate, Susana Díaz, to debate "face to face" and wanted to publicly challenge that debate "wherever you want, as you want and when you want, we are here ready ”.

The leader of the PP Andaluz affirmed that he could not understand that on a public television such as Canal Sur "they do not propose a debate between the only two candidates who can be presidents of the Board", when he recalled that, in informative terms, it is the one that generates the most audience , the one that generates the most expectation”.

Moreno wondered why "Susana Díaz is so afraid of a face-to-face with Juanma Moreno, why she does not want to debate and contrast opinions so that all of Andalusia can see it, about education, about health, about employment, about the future of this land".

“If she wants -continued Juanma Moreno- for us to have this debate, that I have another debate with Juan Marín and another with Teresa Rodríguez, I will have it. And if she wants me to have it with the neighbor back there, I'll have it with him too. I am not afraid, because I have principles, I have strength, I have a team and I have the desire to conquer the world for this land”.