• "I am concerned that Andalusia will become a battlefield between Díaz and Sánchez"
• Highlights the entry of Octavio Granado into the Sánchez Government as Secretary of State for Social Security who froze pensions with the previous PSOE Government
• Asks the PSOE for serenity and responsibility when talking about immigration and making decisions
• Bet that the PP leaves the Extraordinary Congress renewed, willing to tune in with society and with the strength to win elections in all areas.

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, has affirmed today that with the entry of Pedro Sánchez the Government of Rodríguez Zapatero has returned, at the same time that he has indicated that we already know the effects that this government had in Andalusia.
Moreno, who has closed the Board of Directors of the PP in Seville, has stated today that he is concerned that Andalusia will become a battlefield between Susana Díaz and Pedro Sánchez because he has indicated that "our community has serious problems and we cannot waste time in the battles between the two”.
In addition, he has stressed that many things have happened too quickly in recent days and has referred to the motion of no confidence, stating that the PSOE has thus sought what it always seeks, which is nothing more than to obtain power at any price. A motion that, as he has said, has been cruel in political terms and that he has achieved with the help of the independentistas, the radicals and the populists to overthrow the PP government.

The Andalusian popular leader has asserted that all of them wanted to settle accounts with the PP and with Mariano Rajoy and has stressed that the PP government has been the dam of containment to the independence movement and the only one capable of applying the 155. "It is evident that there was thirst of revenge and it has been socialism that has offered that revenge in the form of a motion of censure”.

In this sense, he has highlighted the display of generosity of Mariano Rajoy who, once again, has returned to interpose the interests of Spain to his own renouncing his act of deputy and calling an extraordinary congress. "Rajoy is the president that history will put in his place. History corrects history and Rajoy will be recognized as the best president of democracy in our country."

Thus, he has referred to the Extraordinary Congress of the PP that will take place in July and has affirmed that the PP must face it with great hope, with enthusiasm and with a great desire to improve the political project.

For this reason, he has indicated that we must work and make an effort to improve the PP, its discourse and be in tune with the different sectors because he has added that the PP is not just any party, it is a great political project and the backbone of Spain.

Moreno recalled that the PP was the one that fought ETA terrorism with determination and promoted the banning of Bildu and the one that has once again recovered the economy of a country that seemed to be in ruins after the Government of Rodríguez Zapatero.

“The PP has the obligation to defend our project, improve it and strengthen it so that it serves Andalusia and Spain. We are a great party with a lot of strength. The congress must have an intense debate of ideas and a debate on how to face the challenges of society in the coming years, but we also have to preserve the unity of this political project”.

The president of the popular Andalusians has advocated for the PP to leave the congress renewed, winning and willing to tune in with Spanish and Andalusian society and with the strength to win elections in all areas.

In another order of things, it has had an impact on the brand new Government of Pedro Sánchez losing its makeup and recalling that in just one week we have seen how the first government crisis has lived with an accused minister and another who has had to resign for defrauding the Treasury.

On this point, he regretted that in a week the PSOE has done nothing more than backtrack on issues such as the deficit, regional financing and labor reform and with a disappeared Prime Minister who has not appeared before the press for a single day with the one that is falling

Moreno has regretted that this week has ended with improvisations and political sensationalism on immigration, such a serious issue where we talk about human beings who risk their lives and with the entry into Social Security of the Secretary of State who froze pensions with the previous Government of the PSOE.

In this way, he has asked Sánchez not to play with something as delicate as the motivations and mafias behind immigration and has referred to the possibility of generating a so-called effect. "We are seeing this weekend how there are dozens of boats arriving on the Andalusian coast and there may be a problem, so I ask the PSOE for serenity and responsibility when it comes to talking about immigration and making decisions."

The popular leader has assured that the generosity of Susana Díaz is curious and how she has taken her adversaries and has put them in the best positions in Madrid, referring to María Jesús Montero, Luis Planas and Gómez de Celis, at the same time that she has He has shown his concern since, as he has pointed out, he sees an isolated president of the Junta, who has not counted for anything in this new Government of Pedro Sánchez and where the 'pedristas' have taken important positions isolating her.

Finally, he has affirmed that the PP has to work because Andalusia cannot be harmed and has asserted that the next municipal and Andalusian elections are full of possibilities. "In 40 years of autonomy, the PP only had one option to reach the Government, but this has changed and now we are facing the most likely circumstance of obtaining the Government of Andalusia because the Parliament is very divided and if we continue to do things well and plan an alternative after 40 years of socialism we can govern”.

“The only alternative for change in Andalusia is called PP. We are the only ones who can govern in a different way. The PP goes out to win the elections and compete at the highest level. There is a lot left to do and a lot to do for Andalusia and Spain and we can achieve it ”, he concluded.