• Announces that the beach restoration works will begin on the coast in Huelva in May

• Asked for "common sense" to approve the PGE with the greatest consensus, in the face of "fatigue due to sterile confrontation"

• La Manada: “If it is necessary to change the laws to protect the dignity of women, they will be changed”

jThe president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, today visited the beach of El Portil (Huelva), where he assessed the General State Budget (PGE) and was convinced that the PSOE still has time to support them because they are " the most progressive in history.

Moreno has asked himself today "where is the party of the progressives in the face of the most progressive budgets in the history of Spain?", and has asked the PSOE to support the national accounts to maintain "political and economic stability" because they are committed to " economic growth, job creation and helping the most vulnerable people”, for which he has criticized that “the PSOE is dedicated to boycotting these budgets”.

The president of the Andalusian PP called for "common sense" so that the PGE be approved with the greatest consensus, given "the fatigue due to the sterile confrontation." He wondered "what answer the PSOE is going to give to all the people who are waiting for the budgets to be approved" and who, as he continued, are "tired of political battles." Given this, Moreno has called for "coherence" and that "meeting points be sought" so that "Spain continues on the path of growth."

Beach recovery

On the other hand, Moreno has announced that restoration works will begin on the Huelva coast beaches in May, after the strong storms this winter. He recalled Mariano Rajoy's "commitment" to the Andalusian coast, and his will to "provide sufficient resources so that, when the tourist season begins, the beaches are fully restored."

He stressed that "there is a budgetary commitment" from the Government of almost 37 million to fix the entire Andalusian coastline, which is "the highest amount given by the governments" to recover the Andalusian beaches and, specifically, ten million will be allocated to the Huelva coast. On the contrary, the Junta de Andalucía maintains its silence on possible investments to recover this coastline.

Sentence "The Herd"

Regarding the sentence of "La Manada", Moreno stated that a "serene" reflection on the Penal Code is needed, because "if it is necessary to change the laws to protect the dignity of women, the laws will be changed", he affirmed.