• "Sánchez has made a 'brown' mess in four months and all of us Spaniards are going to pay for it"
• He wonders "what Díaz is waiting for to ask for Caraballo's resignation"

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, criticized today in Cartaya (Huelva) the passivity of the Ciudadanos party with regard to socialist corruption and described the refusal of this formation to allow Díaz to appear before the FAFFE Investigation Commission as another proof of "the they have little desire for change”.
Moreno expressed his "maximum respect" to the orange party, but recalled that they have committed "important blunders, such as promising changes and then supporting the socialists in Andalusia." He insisted on the need to clarify his position after the elections. “Can CS say that they will not agree with the PSOE after the elections or will do what they have done in this legislature?
The popular leader recalled that all the surveys reflect a strong desire for change and proclaimed that “we are the guarantee of change, the only ones who can change things. We have the reason, the heart and the illusion. We have to spread that illusion, this game is about optimism, let's make optimistic proposals, change the smile, change for the better”.
Juanma Moreno also lamented the national situation, "we cannot have a socialism that manages so badly, what a mess with Pedro Sánchez." She affirmed that, in four months of management, "she has messed it up" and it is a government that "is not up to the country's standards. He must defend his country, territorial integrity, he cannot tolerate that they lose respect for the president of the government and the Spanish institutions”.
The president of the Andalusian PP recalled "the constant news of irregularities, the constant corruption, the deterioration of our image." She criticized the “cynicism that the socialists display so much, Susana Díaz said that she would never allow a defendant to continue in office. The mayor of Granada has been accused for a year and a half and here is a president of the Diputación de Huelva who is accused of very serious matters, what is SD waiting for to ask him to resign 'ipso facta'.