• Visit the Cronista Rey Díaz de Córdoba school where the Board offers a non-existent school canteen: "It is a clear example of teasing families"
• "Services cannot depend on the postal code and there cannot be first and second-class Andalusians in educational matters"

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, announced today in Córdoba that the PPA will shield by law "a portfolio of uniform educational services for all schools in Andalusia, regardless of the location and zip code of the families, so that all We Andalusians have the same services and there are no first and second-class Andalusians in educational matters”.

Moreno announced that this law, which will be part of the PPA's electoral program, intends to put an end to the "enormous inequality" that currently exists because "many services have been promised in Andalusia but there is no equal access, depending on where you live you can have a morning class, dining room and school transportation”.

In addition, he defended a 5% budget increase in educational infrastructure for the 2019 budget, which "should have already begun to be prepared and of which we have no news."
The president of the PPA met today with members of the Ampa of the Cronista Rey Díaz school, who have been "fighting" for years to have a school canteen and which, in Moreno's opinion, is "the living example of teasing in education, since services are offered and advertised that do not exist due to the Andalusian government's lack of will”.

Juanma Moreno pointed out that the PP-A has been demanding the dining room for this school for a long time through amendments to the budgets and parliamentary initiatives. She added that "Córdoba has one of the most pronounced deficits in Andalusia in educational matters, there is a lack of services, there are schools with asbestos despite the risk it entails, prefabricated classrooms are maintained and there is an absolute lack of planning."

In this sense, he referred to the inability of the Andalusian government to plan and respond to the air conditioning of Andalusian schools despite the fact that "we are a community that is to the south of the south and there are years when the course ends with temperatures of 40 degrees ”.

The president of the PPA assured that "we have a problem in terms of education and that is what all the indicatives say." He recalled that 120.00 young people have been left without a FP place in the last four years, there is a high level of school failure and the community is the leader in abandoning the educational system.
He also pointed out that Andalusia's investment is almost 600 euros less per student, so he asked "what lessons can socialism give us in education when they are incapable of solving problems?"

He affirmed that the Andalusian government "is pending the photo, the pose, the headline and the next electoral campaign but not what we Andalusians who pay our taxes really need to have quality services."