• "Everything we Andalusians have achieved with effort and sacrifice is being put at risk and will have two people in charge: Pedro Sánchez and Susana Díaz"
• The president of the Andalusian PP visits Medina Azahara and “without fissures” supports the declaration as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, has warned today of the "serious consequences" that the motion of censure raised by Pedro Sánchez may have for Spain and Andalusia, to which the president of the Junta, Susana Díaz, has shown her support . In her opinion, with this support, the general secretary of the Andalusian socialists "is winding up a time bomb that is going to explode on all of us."
For Moreno, Sánchez has made a "tremendously irresponsible" decision, which is "promoting uncertainty" and which "will have a direct consequence on the economy, progress and employment in Spain and Andalusia." In fact, he pointed out, since the announcement of the motion was known, the risk premium has gone from 70-80 points to 140 today and the stock market value of all financial entities has lost 6-7%.
“The simple announcement of this motion has generated enormous fear in investors and in the markets, which translates into instability, loss of economic growth and employment, and a slowdown in the Spanish and Andalusian economy,” Moreno said.
The leader of the Andalusian PP reiterated that this motion that Sánchez has presented "frivolously" and that is being supported from the outset by Susana Díaz "has consequences for things to eat, employment, development and well-being of the Andalusians”.
Juanma Moreno said that if things go well in Spain, they will also go well in Andalusia, and that the community "will not have stability if there is not a strong government in Spain", to "continue on the path of economic recovery".
He said that if the president of the Board does not try to avoid this irresponsibility, she will be "responsible for the problems of economic instability and employment and well-being that this motion can generate, which the only thing she is looking for is a hole for Pedro Sánchez to get out of the corner in which it was".
“We have all made many efforts and sacrifices to get out of the serious crisis we had in 2011 and have a path of recovery and job and wealth creation. Everything we have built with effort and sacrifice is being put at risk and will have two people responsible: Pedro Sánchez and Susana Díaz”.
Juanma Moreno made these statements in Córdoba during a visit to Medina Azahara to support the declaration of the caliphal city as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The president of the PP Andaluz said that this declaration would mean an important "reinforcement" for the brand of Córdoba, Andalusia and Spain and a "recognition of our past, our beauty and our strength".
He said he felt "excited" by this candidacy that, he stressed, is receiving the support of all the institutions, at which point he asked the Board for "more funding" to continue deepening the investigation and preservation of the artistic heritage of Medina Azahara and improve the accesses and services so that the monument "shines with much more light".