• The president of the Andalusian PP demands a "profound remodeling" of the government "immediately": "The first person who should look in the mirror is Susana Díaz"

• Visit in Santiponce (Seville) a health center housed in 'shells'

• Proposes a grand agreement that addresses health infrastructure issues in the community

• Remember that the Law for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship approved today by the Governing Council is "the same as more than a year ago"

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, stated today that the president of the Junta, Susana Díaz, is "baked before public opinion" and "knocked out from a political point of view." Moreno stressed that there is a "government vacuum" in the community, for which she called on Díaz for a "profound remodeling" in the Andalusian government "immediately."

“We have a completely bankrupt, paralyzed and confused government, but the first one that should look in the mirror is Díaz, responsible for having lost two years of legislature and for not having placed Andalusia as a priority,” he said.

He insisted on the "paralysis" of the Díaz government, "which has been busy with its internal affairs of the primaries but has not been concerned with important issues."


Moreno has made these statements in the Seville municipality of Santiponce, where he has learned first-hand, together with the president of the PP of Seville, Virginia Pérez, the precarious health situation in the town. The residents are cared for in a health center housed in 'shells' or prefabricated barracks that he, he pointed out, “seems to be from the beginning of the XNUMXth century” and “does not meet the characteristics of dignity” needed by professionals and patients.

Thus, he opted for the signing of a "great health agreement" in Andalusia that addresses the great problems of health policy in the community, with special attention to the infrastructure deficit or waiting lists, for which he has offered the "outstretched hand ” of the Popular Party that will continue with its campaign 'For Health 10'.

"This is the living example of the real Andalusia that Susana Díaz is not capable of seeing," said the popular leader, who recalled that the Andalusian government is the one that invests the least in health in all of Spain. In his opinion, this attitude highlights "the lack of concern and sensitivity" of the Board.


Along these lines, he said that the Law for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship that the Governing Council of the Junta has approved today is "an excuse" to give the appearance of activity in a "government that is paralyzed." "It is the draft that they presented more than a year ago and that they present it again because they have not done anything since then," he added.

Thus, he advocated for an Entrepreneurship Law where the entrepreneurial culture is committed "so that young people see that they can have a job opportunity thanks to self-employment" and that it generates jobs. In the same way, he considered that the tax burden in Andalusia must be lowered, "the highest in Spain"; simplify the bureaucracy “that takes us from one office to another”; normalize existing regulations that, he pointed out, "in many cases contradictory"; and launch incentives through 'soft credits' “to make it easier for those who want to invest in Andalusia”.