• The president of the Andalusian PP expresses his appreciation for the work of health professionals: "They are the ones who saved the failed health management of Díaz"
• Asks the Board to "abandon the chronic improvisation of the Summer Plan"

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, has warned that, with the arrival of summer, "in the different Andalusian provinces the alarms are already beginning to go off about cuts in health." "The government of Susana Díaz cannot make us Andalusians go through another year of ordeal and the risk of health cuts in the summer months, when beds, operating rooms, consultations, health centers are closed, and emergencies collapse" , denounced.

He recalled that despite the fact that in the coastal areas there are towns in which the population multiplies in summer, "the staff on vacation are not covered or the staff is reinforced."

He asked the Andalusian government to "abandon the chronic improvisation of the Summer Plan" and to "work to prevent, for yet another year, the SAS centers from closing on vacation and the emergencies becoming saturated."

In this sense, he made a "recognition" of the work of health professionals. “If the health system continues to function, it is undoubtedly because of them; They are the ones who save the failed health management of Mrs. Díaz ”.

“It is evident that something so precious and so necessary for Andalusians as a good public health system has been deteriorating in recent years. This is what the users and the professionals themselves say, who, on top of that, are the ones who earn the least in Spain ”, he stressed.

The president of the Andalusian PP said that the Popular Party "is going to fight so that the president of the Board does not put the health of Andalusians at risk for another summer."

"Andalusia deserves a new style, a new way of governing, and that can only come with a new government of the Popular Party of Andalusia," he concluded.