• The president of the Andalusian PP believes that Díaz, with his refusal to negotiate the 2018 budget, has lost the opportunity to change things to improve the lives of Andalusians

• He believes that the Board's accounts "are not reliable" and asks when they plan to comply with the commitments made in health matters.

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, has indicated today that the president of the Board, Susana Díaz, "has lost a historic opportunity" to negotiate the budget of the Board for 2018. "She has not wanted to talk with the PP because you approve the budgets to fail to meet them the following year ”, he has reproached the government during the control session in the Andalusian Parliament.

The leader of the Andalusian PP regretted that Díaz was not able to defend the regional budget yesterday in the entire debate, which, in his opinion, "evidence that dialogue is not in his political style." “If he really believes that it is good, why didn't he take advantage of yesterday to clarify and light up many of the shadows that the budget has? He asked.

Juanma Moreno said that these are "opaque accounts, with interchangeable euros, without a name or surname", where the money does not appear "black on white to fulfill everything it promises".

"His accounts are not reliable and no one believes him anymore," said the president of the PP Andaluz.

Moreno stressed that "the increase in the Health budget is a mirage, because it is never fulfilled", since, he explained, "in the last two years it has stopped spending more than 200 million of the money allocated to the SAS personnel", and not It has complied with the budget for sanitary infrastructures.

In this sense, he recalled that in 2016, 102 million euros were budgeted for health infrastructures that were cut throughout the year to 52 million, of which only slightly more than 42 million were finally invested. In 2017, from a budget for health infrastructure of 132 million "that it sold to great fanfare", it was cut to 104 million through budget modifications, and after eight months of execution only 16 million have been invested.

For this reason, he asked "how much of the 128 million that goes into the 2018 budget is really going to be invested."

The president of the Andalusian PP added that despite the "social pressure" exerted through the demonstrations by Andalusian health, Díaz "has no real will to change the disastrous management" because "she is too comfortable in the fight" and "does not he wants concrete commitments, with hard and fast euros that can be controlled”.

"He does not accept the dialogue because his accounts do not include finalist items for the Materno Infantil de Huelva, for the two hospitals in Granada, for the Military Hospital in Seville or for the third Hospital in Malaga," said Moreno, who also referred to the closure in the afternoons at the "Las Delicias" Health Center in Jerez de la Frontera due to lack of staff.

Moreno asked Díaz to "get off the pedestal, leave the office, listen to health professionals without contempt or coercion and fulfill their promises to return to all of us the quality healthcare that is being burdened with their breaches," he concluded.