• "You are in Andalusia because you have lost and I am here so that Andalusia does not continue to lose"
  • He assures that Díaz "is a bad ruler with or without primaries, so she will not be a better president than she has been in recent years"
  • "He is in a poorly concealed attempt to reinvent himself, but that hyperactive maelstrom is more a panic attack in the face of defeat than responsibility"
  • He demands "to put an end to the 'damn' Inheritance Tax without wasting a minute and without giving up, because he knows that he has also lost that battle"

The president of the Andalusian Popular Party, Juanma Moreno, affirmed today in the Andalusian Parliament that Díaz "is not going to be a better president from now on than she has been in recent years because if before she has governed from ambition, now she intends to govern out of frustration and Andalusia deserves a PTE out of hope”. She reproached Díaz for wanting to start a "mini-legislature" now after having been "a president, 100% invested in her party." "We all know," she said, "that it is impossible to pass the course in June without even having gone to class."

Moreno was convinced that if Díaz had won his party's primaries, "I would not be here or say the same things, so you are in Andalusia because you have lost and I am here so that Andalusia does not continue to lose." In this sense, he assured that since Díaz is president, the community "loses resources, convergence, investments and opportunities."

As an example, he pointed out that with Díaz as president, more than 1.000 hospital beds have been closed, almost 6.000 health jobs have been destroyed, the Dependency waiting list has almost doubled and the risk of poverty has increased 6 points. Moreno called for a plan to combat poverty "so as not to leave thousands of Andalusians on the road."

The president of the Andalusian PP affirmed that Díaz "is the worst president that Andalusia has ever had and is leading the worst years of Andalusian socialism." He supported this statement with "two devastating data from his lousy management" such as that he invests 800 million less in health than Griñán and "without his cuts, Andalusian health would have had 4.600 million euros more since he became president" and that Andalusia has lost 907 million euros for active employment policies "due to his incapacity and his mismanagement".

Juanma Moreno stated that after losing the primaries "he has no choice but to beat himself up to resume what he has wanted to leave behind with so much effort, which is to govern AND." She added that Díaz "is in a poorly concealed attempt to reinvent herself as president, but that hyperactive maelstrom is much more a panic attack at defeat than an attack of responsibility."


Moreno criticized Díaz for having "missed the truth" in his speech when he says that his commitment is with the Andalusians, when he says that Andalusia pulls down employment in Spanish, when he says that it protects social policies and when he says that Andalusia advances at the same pace than other communities. "Don't lie, president," claimed the popular leader.

He recalled that since Díaz became president "we have lost 8 tenths of a point of convergence with the whole of Spain" and pointed out that "while  we have lost 3,5 growth points since 2007, Galicia has gained 3,5, Castilla y León 2 and Extremadura 1”.

He assured that Díaz “is a bad ruler, with or without primaries. The government of Andalusia is great for her because, as has been shown, she does not have a team, nor does she have a project, nor does she have the illusion of governing ”.

He added that "the figures are cold and define her as a bad ruler", since between 2013 and 2016 she has left 10.000 million euros unspent, "which have remained in the drawer because she has not been able to put them at the service of the Andalusians”. She explained that, for example, 2.365 million have been left without investing in employment policies, more than a thousand in R + D + i and another thousand in Infrastructure.

"Everything that your government touches turns it into a botch," said Moreno, who alluded to the hospital merger in Granada, "a botch that costs us 7 million euros to rectify"; the stoppage of the Nevada Shopping Center, "a botch job that costs us 165 million"; the stoppage of training courses, "a botch that lasts 6 years"; the attack on differentiated education, "a botch job that has been challenged by the Supreme Court"; and the interim process of the SAS, "another big botch job that despises 15.000 professionals." On this last matter, Moreno demanded that he rectify this process and recover the Single Stock Exchange "to ensure transparency with a centralized registry of contracts."   


Juanma Moreno stated that "Andalusia deserves a president with enthusiasm", who is capable of taking the reins and leading an Educational Pact, giving prominence and investment to health professionals, approving  tax deductions for low and medium income families, promote  the modernization of irrigation and facilitate generational change, and put an end to regulatory dispersion, excessive bureaucracy and suffocating tax pressure.

He added that Andalusia needs a president "who is committed to young people and does not deceive them" and demanded that if Díaz wants to give young people loans of 24.000 euros without interest, as he promised in the primaries, he should approve it in the next council of Government. “It always fails when you have to move from words to deeds,” he said.

He also demanded that Díaz not wait for a national pact against sexist violence "which is necessary", but rather seek an agreement in Andalusia to "approve real aid for minor victims and shield the budget in this matter instead of cutting 3,2, XNUMX million euros via budget modification as it did last year”.   

Moreno advocated for Andalusia for a president who ends the 'damn' Inheritance Tax without wasting a minute and without making a fuss about it”. He welcomed Ciudadanos to "what the PP has been demanding for years, which is the 99% tax rebate as in Madrid." He assured that Díaz "knows that he has also lost this battle" and told him that "it is time to rectify the error, because if you want, you can and neither PSOE nor Ciudadanos have wanted to in these last two years."

The president of the Andalusian PP stated that "it is time for rulers with desire, enthusiasm and strength" and assured that when Díaz declared 'susanismo' finished, "he intentionally fell short because what is really exhausted is Andalusian socialism, since they touch to an end a government model, policies and leadership that no longer give of themselves”.

He told Díaz that "you have wanted to go so fast that you have become old too soon" and added that "Andalusia needs changes and the first to look in the mirror should be you and assume that you are not the driver that Andalusia needs to reach new horizons”.