• It demands the PSOE "to stop thinking about itself, to say no to everything and to boycott the economic recovery and job creation"
  • He denounces that the Board owes 1.703 million euros to the Andalusian municipalities while the Government of Spain has sent them 6.000 million
  • "This is going to end soon because when I am president we will liquidate the debt and pay the municipal taxes"

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, reproached Susana Díaz today that "she has settled in the 'no' bloc, she lets Pedro Sánchez decide for her and folds against the interests of Andalusia." In reference to regional financing, she affirmed that Díaz "knows that the approach that the PP government makes to her is good and she is blocking it without attending to the negotiation or the proposal to improve financing."

Moreno pointed out that Díaz "is following Sánchez's instructions and strategy to the letter" and stressed that "this submission is inappropriate for a president of all Andalusians and will bring nothing good for Andalusia." For this reason, he called on the PSOE "to stop thinking about itself, stop saying no to everything and stop boycotting economic recovery and job creation."
He alluded to the abstention of Extremadura in the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council and pointed out that "they have been saying nonsense here all week, forgetting that if there is a bad system it is because the PSOE and Zapatero promoted it with the vote against the PP".
He pointed out that Díaz "has gone from moderate socialism to purple socialism" and recalled that "being moderate means seeking meeting points and putting the general interest first."
Juanma Moreno, who intervened before the Committee of Mayors of the PP, denounced that the Andalusian government owes 1.703 million euros to the Andalusian municipalities. "With 1.700 million - she said - Andalusia turns upside down but Díaz does not pay, she is a big defaulter who treats town halls badly and small municipalities even worse."
He explained that the Andalusian government owes the local corporations 780 million euros from the participation in the taxes of the autonomous community and 923 million from the municipal cooperation plans that Díaz is not capable of executing.
He assured that “this is going to end soon because when I am president I will liquidate the debt and we will pay the municipal taxes that are not paid now. It can be done and we will do it."
Moreno affirmed that the PSOE "has been putting labels and creating myths for 40 years" and described as a myth that the Rajoy government punishes Andalusia when official data says that it has sent 6.000 million euros to the municipalities, 4.800 million in direct aid and 1.200 million in liquidity measures to pay payroll, suppliers and maintain essential services. "If someone is able, let them refute these data," he said.
The president of the Andalusian PP supported the management of the mayors of the Popular Party and assured that "wherever they give us the opportunity to govern, we create opportunities for citizens, we protect the most vulnerable and we create jobs and a future." He added that "we continue to be preferred by the neighbors, but others sit in an office, begin to hand out trading cards with absolute opacity and take away their legitimate choice from the neighbors."
He denounced that "our mayors and mayors govern in total institutional solitude, not social because they have the support of their neighbors." He affirmed that the regional government is "incapable of understanding that collaborating with a city council governed by another political color is positive and it is its obligation, so far from solving the problems of the citizens, they create problems for the mayors of the PP" .