• He affirms that the reasons that could lead Díaz to call elections is the fear of the sentence of the ERE and the investigation commission of the Faffe
• Defends the role of the Senate that has served to defend and guarantee the Unity of Spain with the 155 and to stop the ravings of the PSOE-Podemos alliance
• "In order to continue at Moncloa, Pedro Sánchez is capable of being president of a Spain without Catalonia"

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, has denied today that there is political instability in Andalusia and has indicated that among the real reasons that may lead Susana Díaz to advance the elections are the fear of the ERE sentence, the advance of the commission of investigation of the Faffe and to the Casado effect.

“They know that we have made a generational change and that we are recovering votes. Susana Díaz fears the Sánchez effect because each delirium of the Government of the Nation generates concern in the PSOE ”.

The popular leader recalled that this legislature in Andalusia has been a blank legislature and has criticized the fact that Susana Díaz has spent 800 days in the PSOE primaries devoting her time to the ambition of being president of the socialists in Spain and that now she wants to amputate one hundred days of legislature with the electoral advance.

Thus, he regretted that our community is further away from convergence with Spain and Europe than it was forty years ago and he alluded to the mobilizations that have taken place in health matters, the high unemployment rate suffered by Andalusia as well as the the problems in Education, the economic problems and the management sub-model.

In this sense, he pointed out that "in Andalusia we suffer from the most powerful administrative political machinery that exists and that has generated a clientelist network and attitudes that prevent spaces for debate and plurality and where sometimes the critical voice of the PP is drowned out." “We are aware of what we are up against but it is not the first time that we have beaten the PSOE. Javier Arenas already did it on his day and we did it again in the 2016 generals ”.

Moreno has vindicated the weight of Andalusia in the Popular Group of the Senate and has recalled that Andalusia is the second territorial structure with the highest representation in the Upper House since it has 21 senators, being surpassed only by Castilla La Mancha, and the first in the Congress with 23 deputies.

Likewise, he has stressed that Andalusia is the land where the most Spaniards live, which is why he has advocated the need for a revulsive to converge with other autonomous communities and with other regions of the European Union.

The president of the popular Andalusians has assured that the Senate has gained special prominence and has regretted that there are many who have attacked it in recent years, being one of those who did Albert Rivera who promised to suppress it in 2015.

On this point, he has asserted that the Senate has served to defend and guarantee the Unity of Spain with 155, to stop the delirium of the PSOE-Podemos alliance, as a containment dam against the drifts that harm Spain and so that the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, give an account of many things that he does not want to talk about in Congress.

Moreno has stressed that the situation of the Government of the Nation worries the Andalusians and the Spaniards, at the same time that he has indicated that it is exhausted and in decomposition with numerous rectifications, giving continuous lurches and resignations.

He has also affirmed that it is a government without a project but with many mortgages with the independentistas, with the populists and with the friends of ETA.

In this way, he has criticized that the Government has launched an operation to rescue the independentistas and has recalled that six members of the Government, including the president, have come out to pave the way for surrender to the independentistas, even talking about granting pardons. , to eliminate preventive detention and to put politics above Justice. "As long as he continues at Moncloa, Pedro Sánchez is capable of being president of a Spain without Catalonia, something that should concern us all."

Finally, he referred to the latest CIS survey and highlighted that the street reflects that there is a sociological and perception change in Andalusia and Spain. "If I notice that there are people who return to the PP, it is that we are recovering votes and this means that we are the leaders of the center right, whatever the polls say," he concluded.