• "Díaz cannot leave Moncloa without the additional 4.000 million euros for Andalusia and without a clear commitment to change the financing model"

• The president of the Andalusian PP recalls that the previous government "left its homework done" and that the Andalusian government participated in the study commission in the Treasury

• Juanma Moreno calls in Granada for better management of the Alhambra by the Board and for the income to revert to improving the environment

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, has denounced today the postponement of the reform of the regional financing model by the socialist government of Sánchez. In his opinion, "we are facing a great inconsistency on the part of the PSOE of Andalusia and the president of the Junta", who, he said, "has dropped her mask" and has revealed the "great lie that the PSOE in recent years" by using financing as an element of confrontation against the Popular Party government.

Moreno recalled the agreement reached by the groups in the Parliament of Andalusia so that the community would receive, with the new model, an additional 4.000 million "for health, education and social policies."

However, he said, "the government of Spain with Pedro Sánchez has changed overnight and there is no urgency in financing or calendar"; especially when, he recalled, "the previous government left its homework done to convene the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council." In this sense, he recalled that the Andalusian government participated in the study commission of the Ministry of Finance where a calendar was approved.

"It is an inconsistency and one more lie of socialism," he added.

He criticized the "relief" of the Minister of Finance, Mª Jesús Montero, "who demanded a new model for this year 2018 and as soon as he got off the AVE in Madrid he said that it was no longer urgent."

For this reason, he insisted that, before the meeting that will be held on July 23 In Moncloa, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the President of the Board, "Susana Díaz cannot leave without a clear commitment to change the financing model, a clear calendar and how the additional 4.000 million will arrive at the 2019 community budgets.

"Anything that extends it in time is a deception for all Andalusians," he concluded.


Juanma Moreno made these statements in Granada, where he expressed his "concern" about "the lack of interest and investment" on the part of the Junta de Andalucía in the Albaicín area, as well as the "mismanagement" of the Alhambra through the Board of Trustees of the monument, whose directors have been the subject of legal proceedings.

"There has been a clearly incorrect management against the interests of the people of Granada and Andalusia, dirtying the good name of the Alhambra internationally," he stressed.

Moreno called for "transparency" in the management of the monument and that the sectors involved, such as businessmen in the area, can participate in the design of commercial and tourist strategies.

The president of the Andalusian PP proposed that part of the income generated by the Alhambra "stay in Granada to rehabilitate, restore and beautify the Albaicín", so that by reverting this income in the area "the entire patrimonial and artistic historical complex has more potential and a higher level tourist attraction”.