• Blames Díaz for paralyzing training for the unemployed "unilaterally and irresponsibly"
• Once again urges Díaz to explain the Faffe's black cards and send the information to the court

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, today visited the CIO Mijas Hotel and Catering School building and affirmed that if it has been closed for three years and without providing training for employment, it is because "with the money from the unemployed everything has been paid what could never have been paid from the ethical and political point of view, services of prostitutes, dinners, parties and luxury hotels”.

He affirmed that the responsibility for paralyzing training throughout Andalusia belonged to Susana Díaz "unilaterally and irresponsibly" and added that "the obvious reason is that the money from training for the employment of the unemployed has been dedicated to other things."

Moreno pointed out that the judicial investigation into the Faffe has revealed that it was the "center of plugging of the friends of the PSOE, of leaders and former socialist mayors."

He regretted that "the money instead of being here, in the CIO Mijas, we have a building in which a large investment was made and it is paralyzed and abandoned."

Juanma Moreno assured that "every day that passes without Díaz giving explanations for the use of the Faffe's black cards, his political responsibility grows." She stated that it is evident that there is obstruction of Justice, that the required information or the list of card expenses are not sent.

The visit to the CIO Mijas is part of the 'Estacazo' campaign with which the PP wants to show that the PSOE "floods Andalusia with milestones, stones and inauguration plaques that remain mere propaganda acts but the works do not have continuity, project or feasibility”.

The president of the Andalusian PP promised to "remove all the obstacles in all the institutions to find a solution and start up the CIO Mijas imminently." He added that the training of professionals is essential for the great industry of Malaga and Andalusia, which is tourism.