• Stresses that with "this solid government" initiatives are being achieved such as budgetary agreements and the renewal of parliamentary extraction bodies.
• You begin to see "new news" and "an economic dynamism in Andalusia and growth forecasts that even exceed ours as a government
The president of the Andalusian Popular Party, Juanma Moreno, has highlighted that the Government of Change in Andalusia "is the government of dialogue" from which "we work with humility and honesty listening to the Andalusians to transfer their concerns and their dreams to our action of government".

At the closing of the Summer School of the PP in Huelva, the Andalusian president highlighted how with "the enormous capacity for dialogue of this solid government in Andalusia, initiatives go ahead", giving as examples the budget agreements of 2019 and 2020 and the renewal of the parliamentary extraction bodies that "for the first time since the consensus are unblocked after more than five years."

Moreno has defended the measures implemented by his executive that are creating "economic dynamism in Andalusia and growth forecasts that even exceed ours as a government", with a team at the head of the Board with "work" as a roadmap and “building trust”.

"Now we hear news that is new in Andalusia", after lamenting that with the PSOE, the previous governments "had lost their ambition for this land" and had become "a great limitation for the development, progress and well-being of the Andalusians, losing many opportunities”.

Thanks to the Government of Change, "Andalusia leads job creation in Spain, together with Navarra leads economic growth in the country, and we are the second most exporting autonomous community" in the nation. "When has that been heard before in Andalusia", Moreno has indicated.
"We have to recover what they have taken from us in 40 years and make Andalusia grow so that Andalusians are proud to be so and that everyone associates Andalusia with who we are, hard-working, honest and talented people capable of taking Andalusia and Spain out" .
Thus, Moreno has opted for "making the economy grow, making Andalusia's public accounts transparent, meeting the deficit target and contributing from the south to make Spain work better and be bigger", something that "we are beginning to achieve in a very few moths".