• "Díaz is neither concerned nor occupied by Andalusia, he lost a year and a half entangling with the socialist primaries"
• He reproaches Díaz for "delaying" the face-to-face debates with the opposition leader and challenges him to contrast projects "as is done in general elections"
• "The PGE ignore and forget Andalusia because in the internal fight between Sánchez and Díaz, the ones who lose out are the Andalusians"

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, was today "very optimistic and very excited because for the first time there will be an opportunity for political change after 40 years of socialism." Speaking to the media before the National Executive Committee of the PP, Moreno stated that "we went out to win and, furthermore, govern Andalusia, which is the great objective of the PPA."
He recalled that in the last elections held in the community, the 2016 general ones, the PPA "won widely."

He affirmed that "it is evident that Susana Díaz is neither concerned nor occupied by Andalusia", since she has dedicated the legislature to "her particular ambitions".
Regarding Díaz's accusations to the opposition about lack of interest in community problems, he stated that "you have to have a lot of nerve when you have been entangling with the primaries for a year and a half and when you lost, you beat yourself up again and shorten in 100 days the legislature”.

The president of the PPA pointed out that "the socialist party is very nervous with the investigation of the Faffe cards, blocking the investigation commission in Parliament and using the institutions because it fears losing the government in these elections."


Juanma Moreno warned that Díaz "is stalling and looking for limitations" in order not to accept the face-to-face debate proposed by TVE and considered that a debate between whoever has the Presidency and the leader of the opposition "is reasonable and what is done in the general elections”, for which reason he wondered “why Díaz does not want to do what is done in general”.
He reiterated his willingness to participate in electoral debates because "it is very interesting that we contrast the Andalusia of the future represented by the PPA and the Andalusia of the past, which is that of Susana Díaz and the PSOE."


Juanma Moreno also valued the General State Budgets and affirmed that "they are bad budgets that ignore and forget Andalusia".
He added that "in the internal fight between Sánchez and Díaz, the ones who lose out are the Andalusians" and referred to the delay in the inauguration of the AVE to Granada, the Algeciras Bobadilla project of the Mediterranean Corridor or the 4.000 million extraordinary financing " who had promised socialism for Andalusia”.

The president of the PPA assured that "Pablo Casado is a stimulus for the PP and an electoral revulsion that will attract votes in the Andalusian elections and in all elections." He explained that from the National Congregation of the PP the polls indicate "a recovery of votes in two ways, the abstentionists who stayed at home and return to vote for the PP and the CS voters who now opt for the PP."