• Remember that "CS supposedly breaks due to regeneration but it is the same party that has prevented the investigation of the Faffe or the Formation"

• The PPA "will seek a social majority to win alternation in government after 40 years of socialism in Andalusia"

September 8, 2018.- The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, denounced today in Barcelona the "pathetic show between PSOE and CS, in which Susana Díaz and Albert Rivera participate to build the story of an electoral advance that is clearly unnecessary and whose motivation is electoral interests”.

He pointed out that for months the PPA has been warning that the government pact in Andalusia "had included the dissolution agreement, which has now been implemented."

He also stated that "CS allegedly breaks the pact because it does not incorporate political regeneration measures but it is the same party that has said no to the Faffe investigation, has not facilitated the investigation of the training courses and has not made it possible for us to have less senior citizens." charges”.

Juanma Moreno, who attended the PP Board of Directors in Barcelona today, assured that Pablo Casado "is going to be fully involved and is going to turn to Andalusia" in the foreseeable regional electoral campaign. She added that Casado "is going to kick all of Andalusia in sectoral and social acts."

He stated that the Andalusian elections "are very important not only for Andalusians, who are risking our future and considering what government we want after 40 years of socialism, but that they are also important for the PP at the Andalusian and national level."

Moreno stated that the PPA plans to "conquer alternation after 40 years of socialism because Andalusia is the only community in Spain and Europe without alternation." “We want to tell the Andalusians –he added- that there is another way of governing, a new team, a new government and an alternative”. He pointed out that his objective is "to seek a social majority that allows change" and recalled that according to surveys, more than 56 percent of Andalusians say that the time has come for a change of government.

“We are going to offer a calm, serene change and from the moderate and focused position that the PPA represents to create employment, improve health, education and put Andalusia in its rightful place, at the level of communities such as Madrid, Catalonia or the Basque Country”, he concluded.