• Urges Díaz to ask Sánchez for more resources, more means and greater responsibility to quell this problem
• Criticizes the lack of seriousness and rigor in the decisions that Sánchez has made in this matter

6417421 The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, has today demanded that the president of the Board, Susana Díaz, ask the National Government for more resources before the slamming of the door that Pedro Sánchez has given to Andalusia in the face of the migratory crisis that our community is facing traversing.

"I hope that the Minister of Justice, Rosa Aguilar, offers explanations and transparency in the commission that takes place this afternoon in the Andalusian Parliament because the PP will always be close to those who suffer and will be willing to resolve this problem rigorously. , seriously and without using migration policy as an electoral instrument”.

Moreno, who has visited the Seville municipality of Carmona, has highlighted the work of the professionals in reception centers such as the Hogar de San Juan de Ávila who, according to what he has said, "give the best of themselves despite the fact that the administration The autonomous community does not provide them with the necessary means to be able to do their job responsibly”.

At this point, he recalled that a total of three thousand unaccompanied minors arrived in August, which represents a major collapse due to the Board's absolute lack of planning, while at the same time it has had an impact on the fact that in the month June already alerted from the PP of the lack of endowment and resources of the centers for minors in our community.

The Andalusian popular leader has regretted that Pedro Sánchez has made complex decisions that have not been based on rigor or state policy and that he has slammed the door on Susana Díaz and the Andalusians by not providing the means and resources to be able to assume this situation that we live.

"The situation of minors is more serious because they are people who need guardianship and accompaniment and in this specific case of Carmona there is a harmful situation for the workers, for the minors and also for the neighbors."

Moreno has urged the Andalusian government to respond as soon as possible to this problem and has asserted that in a few months we have seen that Díaz's truthfulness with the PP government has become docility with the Sánchez government, something that he has affirmed , “is not compatible with the defense of the interests of Andalusia”.
Thus, he recalled that he has put an agreement on the table for Díaz to take the necessary measures to provide resources to the centers for minors and to vindicate all united what corresponds to Andalusia to quell this situation that has generated the erratic and of Sanchez's headlines.

On the possibility of an electoral advance, he has described Susana Díaz's attitude as "irresponsible" and has asked her to stop playing with Andalusia and to say once and for all the date of the elections.
“Díaz has not been able to feed this situation with a perfectly calculated ambiguity for a year. I ask you to stop playing with the interests of the Andalusians and to clarify once and for all when the elections will take place”.

For his part, the mayor of Carmona, Juan Ávila, has affirmed that Carmona is suffering from this problem in a significant way and has denounced the chaotic situation that the municipality has been going through in recent weeks.
Ávila has asserted that the town is going through a situation of concern and has defended the work of the workers who are being overwhelmed, since it has stressed that the Hogar San Juan de Ávila reception center has come to accommodate one hundred minors and that it is currently twice its capacity.

The president of the PP of Seville, Virginia Pérez, has alluded to other Sevillian municipalities that are also suffering from the same problem, such as Gelves, and has regretted that nothing is known about the planning of the Andalusian PSOE in this matter.

“These children have the right to healthcare, education and a future. Susana Díaz accused us of being heartless, but the truth is that there is no greater heartless than the one who has no plans for these minors ”, she concluded.