• "It is very serious that a candidate for the presidency of Spain uses a 'fake', because who knows how many times he has been untrue and in how many matters"
• "Sánchez wants to preside at the cost of everything and is willing to go hand in hand with radicals like Podemos and rely on those who want to destroy the Spanish nation"
The president of the Andalusian Popular Party and the Junta, Juanma Moreno, has demanded that the PSOE candidate for the presidency of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, make an "immediate rectification for the lie he exposed in the debate using the suffering of hundreds of thousands of women victims of gender violence to scratch a handful of votes”.

“It is very serious that an acting president of the Government and candidate for the presidency uses a 'fake' knowing that he is not telling the truth, and that shows the level of credibility of Pedro Sánchez, who wants to be president of Spain at the cost of everything ”.

Moreno has shown Sánchez's "moral character" by asking himself at the same time that "if he is capable of lying like this, how many times has he not been true and in how many matters", for which he has reiterated his public rectification.

“Not everything goes and you cannot try to become president at the cost of everything as Pedro Sánchez is trying to do”, who is willing “to use Podemos, having radicals in the Government, and relying on those who want to destroy something so precise and of which we feel as proud as our Spanish nation is”.

“We are risking everything” in these general elections and, therefore, “there is only one possible opposition, to vote for the Popular Party and to vote for Pablo Casado. That is the direct path for Pedro Sánchez not to be president, that is the highway for change to come to Spain.