• "I will not give up until Minister Montero pays us the last cent of a euro"
• "With the 400 million euros of VAT you can build two hospitals and a complete metro line"
• "The author of the no is no, who agreed with the pro-ETAR members of Bildu does not deserve the abstention of the Popular Party"

The president of the Andalusian Popular Party and the Junta, Juanma Moreno, criticized this morning that the central government intends to charge for using the highways "built with our taxes" while "refusing to pay Andalusia the 4.000 million that the Andalusian Parliament. "I will not give up on the effort until Minister Montero pays us to the last cent of a euro," said Moreno.

In an act in Marbella, Moreno criticized this new idea of ​​the acting Government and that Pedro Sánchez is "using regional financing to put pressure on the autonomous communities." "He wants to financially suffocate the communities so that the presidents of the PP see no other way out than to ask our party for a blank check from Sánchez and the PSOE," Moreno criticized while recalling that the author of "it is not that he has agreed with the pro-ETAR members of Bildu, the abstention of the Popular Party is not deserved”.

The president of the PPA also recalled that the Minister of Finance "on top of that, she is Andalusian, she has been a counselor and knows the damage that the blockade has for our land." This blockade, Moreno continued, has its origin in the fact that Sánchez "has not been able to carry out General State Budgets, and without them, the 400 million of the thirteenth month of VAT, the deliveries on account and the regional financing. All these million-dollar items, the Andalusian president specified, "are intended to pay for essential services for Andalusians, because with 400 million euros you can build schools, a new metro line or two complete hospitals," Moreno recalled.

In addition, he again exposed the PSOE by recalling that this money does not arrive "because the same socialist party that urgently demanded it from the PP government now seems like a minor issue."

During his speech, Moreno expressed his indignation after learning that the Government, in addition to not paying Andalusia what it deserves, wants citizens to have to pay when driving on the highways. “Sánchez and the PSOE have to clarify if we are going to have to pay to circulate on the A-92 and if they are going to remove the Seville-Cádiz toll in exchange for putting four new tolls from Despeñaperros to Seville and also in exchange for charging for going from Malaga to Granada or from Seville to Extremadura”, asked the Andalusian leader.

And in order not to charge for driving on the highways, Moreno urged "the ministers Calvo and Montero, who are the new influential Andalusians of the PSOE, to defend, as I do, that Andalusians do not pay for what is free". reiterated the president of the PPA and the Board, who insisted that "you do not have to pay to circulate freely on roads that we have paid for with our taxes and our effort," Moreno stressed.

In contrast to the instability that Sánchez is generating in the country, Moreno recalled that the Government of change has caused Andalusia to now have "an engine for solutions". "We are a source of ideas and we are the stability that Spain needs, and this will only come with a solid and seated government that knows how to recognize the mandate that all Spaniards give it."

After six months at the head of Andalusia, he did not forget how the economic indicators indicate the progress of the community. “Andalusia leads the drop in unemployment in Spain in the month of July. We are the community with the highest drop in unemployment in the last year. In addition, Andalusia now exports more than ever and we are the community that is growing at a faster rate than that of Spain”, Moreno stressed.

To achieve these achievements, he recalled that the government of change "is fixing the problems that the PSOE creates." To do this, he recalled, "the excess entities have been eliminated, the waiting lists in Health are reduced, taxes are lowered and some accounts are put in order in which there are 8.655 million euros pending collection."
After the approval of the budgets "with amendments from all the parliamentary groups for the first time in history", he assured that the Executive "is already working tirelessly so that the 2020 budgets are in Parliament in November and come into force without even a single day late”, with the added difficulty that “in Spain there is neither a government nor a budget”.
In this sense, he insisted on the idea that the country needs a government "that gives certainty, and the Spanish do not deserve that their political representatives have us without a government because of a discussion about the fate of politicians", and assured that "if Pedro Sánchez is not capable, I am convinced that Pablo Casado is capable, we need a president like Casado who has an economic, social and integrity project as soon as possible.

Finally, the regional president once again regretted that "the acting government is not up to the task of facing the important and immediate challenges such as the slowdown, separatism or Brexit", and warned of the danger that "the priority in offices be just the least important thing on the street.” “When Sánchez and his possible allies invite us, the Spanish pay. And unfortunately, Spain has already paid a lot of the piper for socialism and the country has been paralyzed since Pedro Sánchez's infamous motion of no confidence, ”he concluded.