• It indicates that the Andalusian PSOE has ruined in the last decade the great edifice that we have all created for Andalusian public health.

• Emphasizes the need to modify the current management system

• Advocates to dignify healthcare professionals and patients

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, regretted today that the Junta de Andalucía is incapable of listening to health professionals, at the same time that he has affirmed that "if it were not for them and for their work, the daily management in health centers in Andalusia.

Juanma Moreno, who has held a meeting in Seville with representatives of Professional Associations and health unions, has indicated that the Andalusian PSOE has ruined in the last decade the great building that together and generation after generation we had created for Andalusian public health, by At the same time, he has asserted that this building is maintained today due to the dedication of its professionals.

The Andalusian popular leader has stressed that the lousy management of the Andalusian PSOE is the virus that destroys what was once a jewel that has been fading since Susana Díaz assumed the presidency of the Board.

For this reason, it has stressed that Andalusian public healthcare is great healthcare and that all the problems suffered by users can be fixed because this healthcare has the best professionals who are the basis on which the PP is going to rebuild this building and the that they are going to restore the shine that it should never have lost.

Moreno has affirmed that in Andalusia there is a health problem that is echoed by health professionals and users, for which reason he has advocated changing the current model to, among other things, eliminate politicization because, as he has assured, "it does not have sense that major appointments are not for professional recognition but in response to political criteria.

“In Andalusia there is not a problem of financing but of management. If the banks were not paid 40 million late-payment interest for not managing the SAS invoices, if 100 million euros were not paid annually in the rental of buildings when the Board has assets, if there were no refunds pending collection for value of 700 million euros or pending payments for a value of 2000 million…”, he has qualified.

At this point, it has considered it essential to dignify both health professionals and their work with sufficient means, with an adequate labor organization and with fair wages.

Thus, he has insisted on the importance of dignifying the patient by avoiding waiting lists in health centers and hospitals. "Andalusian public health is with assisted breathing that is the overexertion of its professionals."

The president of the popular Andalusians has asserted that many health professionals are trained in Andalusia and then go to work abroad because there is no replacement rate or enough health professionals, something that causes the waiting lists to grow.

In addition, he has stated that the Chamber of Accounts has ratified the complaints of precariousness of health professionals. "There are close to two thousand workers who chain an average of 6 and 8 contracts a year in the Andalusian Health Service. Recruitment by accumulation of tasks has increased by 88% in Andalusia and this is added to the fact that the laws on equality between women and men and that of managers and middle managers in this matter are not complied with”.

Moreno has added that we cannot have health professionals who have lost between three thousand and ten thousand euros per year on average compared to what they earn in other communities and has qualified that since 2012 4.400 jobs have been lost in the health field, which has an impact in an increase in waiting lists, in the collapse in emergencies and in the lack of health infrastructure.

He has also denounced that in Andalusia we have the worst paid health professionals in Spain and has highlighted some of the proposals of the Andalusian PP to put an end to this inequality, such as the review of variable supplements that are linked to guards, shifts at night, holidays, hardship, the modification of the personal performance supplement so that part of it goes to the payroll as happens in other autonomous communities, the reactivation of the professional career process that has been paralyzed since 2014 and the review of remuneration concepts in primary care such as hours outside their normal hours, assistance in other centers and the users that they are responsible for attending.

Finally, he has stated that with the #CuremoselSAS campaign that the Andalusian PP has launched, they give voice to a claim by health professionals and has stated that he is convinced that "we are going to ensure that Andalusia has well-paid professionals, with decent wages because this It contributes to dignifying public health and eliminating waiting lists”.