• Asks PSOE and Cs to rectify and support the amendments to support the victims presented by the PPA to the budgets

• "You cannot say one thing in the face of the gallery and not support the same position when you have to provide financial resources"

• "Without an agreement between the PP and PSOE on regional financing, the model is not viable and we are in a game of tricks"

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, insisted today on the need to transfer the national agreement against gender violence to Andalusia and advocated an Andalusian pact that brings together the Andalusian government, political forces, local corporations and social organizations. “It is essential – he said – that we all push in the same direction because it is a battle for everyone and we must all assume it”.

Moreno participated today in Seville in an act organized by the PPA against gender violence, in which representatives of the Mujeres en Igualdad and Giralda associations have participated. She reproached PSOE and Cs for having rejected the amendments to support victims of gender violence presented by the PPA to the regional budget.

He recalled that these same measures were approved a week ago as proposed resolutions for the Debate on the State of the Community and requested a rectification, "for justice and political coherence, so as not to say a thing in the face of the gallery and not accompany the same position when it is necessary to put economic resources”.

Among the amendments presented by the PPA is the setting as expandable credits those intended to meet the needs of victims of gender violence, so that there is no excuse in the limitation or budgetary availability to act against gender violence.

The creation of a game of one million euros is also requested to increase the number of guards for specialized free legal assistance to women victims of gender violence and the creation of a game of two million euros for the provision of material means , human resources and new buildings for new courts specific to violence against women.

Juanma Moreno expressed the "total commitment" of the PPA with "an inclusive society, with equal opportunities and with the eradication of gender violence." She pointed out that an effort must be made in "education as a lever for change" and considered "dramatic that current generations are regressing and control and imposition behaviors are accepted."


After the act, the president of the PPA referred to regional financing and assured that an agreement between the PP and PSOE is necessary because "without this agreement the model is not viable and we are in a game of tricks." For this reason, he urged Susana Díaz to demand a negotiation in her party.

Regarding the Basque quota, Moreno stated that "it is a singularity included in our constitutional order" and expressed his surprise at the fact that "nobody raised their voices when the PSOE negotiated the Basque quota in 2007 and the Andalusian government was silent".


On the other hand, he assured that the Government of Spain is working "intensively" to reverse the US tariffs on table olives. He pointed out that these tariffs "are not final and it is within the framework of bilateral negotiations where they can be unlocked." Moreno offered Díaz his “full availability to work together and avoid damage to a product that generates great added value and many jobs.