• These are specific items for catastrophe damage that countries such as Cyprus or Romania have already accepted.

• Juanma Moreno met this morning with the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani

• Asks the Board for more professionalism and attention to inform Andalusian entrepreneurs of the European funds to which they can apply

• The PP will propose a Law on Circular Economy so that Andalusia is a "leader" in the regeneration of waste for use as raw materials

• "Fruitful" balance of the visit of the president of the Andalusian PP to Brussels. The work meetings have been coordinated from there by MEP Teresa Jiménez Becerril

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, today invited the president of the Junta, Susana Díaz, to "fight" in the European institutions for Andalusia's access to specific Solidarity Funds for catastrophes; to partly alleviate the losses in the economy and employment due to the extreme drought that the Andalusian countryside is suffering.

"The Andalusian government has the obligation to anticipate a situation that could be catastrophic if the lack of rain continues, as is happening," said the popular leader.

Moreno clarified that access to these funds "is not easy", and that for this a series of requirements must be met, including that the losses represent at least 1,5% of GDP -2.200 million in Andalusia, according to calculations by the PP-, a fact that, he added, "sadly" is already taking place in the countryside.

He explained that there is a "precedent" in Cyprus and Romania, which in their day benefited from this Solidarity Fund, and reiterated that these are "fundamental" items for the community in the face of a situation of extreme drought that could lead to "a catastrophic situation in environmental and economic terms”.

"The Andalusian government has the obligation to foresee this scenario and seek those funds," said Moreno, who urged the president of the Board to fight for the community in the European Union

"In the EU there are many opportunities, and if you come to work and a fluid relationship is achieved, many things can be done," he added, while assuring that this work in Europe will be among his priorities as president of the Board with a PP government in Andalusia.


In this sense, he asked the Díaz government for more "attention" and "rigor" with European affairs, which, he affirmed, "the Junta takes carelessly." Juanma Moreno said he missed "more professionalism" from the Andalusian government to "squeeze the most" of the possibilities offered by the EU.

Specifically, he referred to the 'EFSI' funds for strategic investment, to which small and medium-sized companies can benefit “directly”. "It is a fund that is very agile but that in Andalusia many companies are unaware of," said Moreno, who called on the Board to implement information and coordination strategies to give those opportunities to Andalusian entrepreneurs.

He said that the presence in Europe of the community must be "strengthened" and that the relationship with the European institutions be "permanent". For Moreno, "it does not make sense" not to strengthen this link with the EU and, nevertheless, maintain a delegation of the Junta de Andalucía in Madrid.


On the other hand, the president of the Andalusian PP announced that the PP will transfer to Andalusia an initiative for the implementation of a Law on Circular Economy focused on the regeneration of waste to turn it into raw materials, an activity in which, he considered, "Andalusia it can become a leading community.”

He underlined the "strong commitment" to this type of initiative related to the protection of the environment and the fight against climate change and added that this type of activity is an "opportunity" that can be translated into employment, well-being and wealth, and that would have the full backing of the EU.


Juanma Moreno made these statements in Brussels, after meeting with the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, and having a subsequent meeting with Esteban González Pons, spokesman for the Spanish PP MEPs in the EU.

Moreno took stock of the two intense days of work he has had in Brussels, which he described as "tremendously fruitful." The meetings have been organized from there by the Andalusian MEP of the PP Teresa Jiménez Becerril.

Yesterday the president of the Andalusian PP met with the Commissioner for Climate Change and Energy, Miguel Arias Cañete, and with Jyrki Katainen, Vice President of the European Commission, and, in the afternoon, with Vice President Ramón Luis Valcárcel, with the Director General for the Environment, Daniel Calleja; and with the general secretary of the PPE, Antonio López Istúriz.

For the Andalusian MEP of the PP Teresa Jiménez Becerril, Andalusia must "lead" the new European projects to receive the funds that allow investments that in turn will bring growth and employment.

“Juanma Moreno's visit is more than timely, since it is now when the future of the community is being decided. In the meetings that we have held these two days, we have conveyed the need to trust Andalusia as an innovative region with a future", said Jiménez Becerril, who wanted to underline Moreno's "priority" to strengthen Andalusia's relations with the European Union and the defense of the interests of Andalusians in the European institutions.