• The president of the Andalusian PP describes as "unusual" that the Andalusian PSOE did not vote in Parliament for two initiatives in defense of the unity of Spain
• Juanma Moreno guarantees, in the act of the Andalusian PP to commemorate 28F, that "there will not be a step back in the guarantees of the social rights of Andalusians"

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, lamented today in Almería the "weakness" of the Andalusian PSOE and its general secretary, Susana Díaz, to "confront the delusions and assignments that Pedro Sánchez is making to the Catalan independence movement". This has been indicated today in the act that the Andalusian PP has held in Almería.

Moreno recalled that "yesterday we experienced something unusual in the plenary session of the Andalusian Parliament: there were two initiatives that asked Parliament to position itself in favor of unity and equality among all Spaniards and the Andalusian PSOE was not able to vote in favor of the unity of Spain”.

"Faced with this weakness of a totally knocked out Andalusian PSOE, there is a strong Popular Party that is going to work so that we Spaniards have the same opportunities and the same rights, no matter where we live," Moreno claimed.

On the other hand, the top leader of the Andalusian PP and president of the Junta de Andalucía pointed out that "socialism is once again trying to use fear, saying that the Government of Change is coming to take away the rights of Andalusians."

At this point, he remarked that "the one who has taken away rights from Andalusians is the PSOE with its terrible policies, not being able to execute even half of the Budgets, nor giving enough beds and operating rooms to Andalusians, or condemning our young people to emigrate due to the lack of opportunities”

Faced with the PSOE's policy of fear, Juanma Moreno was blunt in pointing out that "there will not be a single step back in guaranteeing the rights of Andalusians." "Not only will there not be a step back, but this Government will be a guarantee of rights and well-being for all Andalusians."

Likewise, he indicated that "after 2D there is a new Andalusia that will work hand in hand with all the institutions of Andalusia from three inalienable objectives: to regenerate the ethical and democratic life of Andalusia, so that the good name of Andalusia is never again associated with to corruptions and irregularities as in the last 40 years; work to have better quality public services; and guarantee opportunities for Andalusians working for a productive Andalusia, employment, and wealth”.

Along these lines, he stated that "in these four years we are going to gradually and progressively lower taxes on Andalusians to become a reference Community and be able to compete with autonomous communities such as Madrid". At this point, he recalled that the first decision of the new government was to subsidize 99 percent of the Inheritance and Gift Tax
Lastly, he stressed that "I wanted in a symbolic way that the act of the Andalusian PP to commemorate the 28F in this new stage be in Almería because we want to demonstrate that the wall that existed between the socialist governments in the Junta de Andalucía and Almería has fallen forever with this new government.”

«Now there is a bridge of illusion and future between the Junta de Andalucía and the province of Almería, a province with so much personality that it is capable of turning a desert into one of the economic engines of Andalusia thanks to the effort and tenacity of many farmers. and businessmen," he concluded.