• “The perverse circle of his management is that without fair wages, professionals leave and with fewer health workers, waiting lists grow and care collapses”
  • Díaz has paid 2 million euros in bonuses to SAS executives and spends 40 million a year on late-payment interest and 100 million on rent
  • He demands from Díaz "collective ambition for Andalusia and not only personal to distance professionals from the battlefield in which he likes to move without results"

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, assured today in the regional Parliament that "we are not going to stop until the salaries of Andalusian toilets match the average of the rest of Spaniards." In the control session, he affirmed that "it is not only a question of salaries but of quality in health care, because if they do not have a fair salary, they are forced to leave and, therefore, there is a lack of professionals, the waiting lists grow and Emergency rooms and health centers collapse. That is the perverse circle of his management”.

Juanma Moreno questioned Susana Díaz about measures to improve the working conditions of health professionals and stated that "the objective is to recover that public health of which we were proud and that little by little we have been losing with its management."

He assured that Díaz "cannot boast of anything and less in health" and noted data provided by the professional organizations themselves such as an interim or substitute Primary Care doctor charges 9.500 euros less each year in Andalusia than in Extremadura and at the end of his professional stage , with 10 trienniums for example, charges 5.500 euros per year less than in Galicia. He also indicated that a nurse earns between 5.000 and 6.800 euros per year less than in Murcia.

Moreno affirmed that health professionals charge less in Andalusia is the "decision and incapacity of management" of the Díaz government, since it is the variable part of the remuneration that creates the grievance between communities.

He added that salary equalization is possible if public money is better managed and told Díaz that he could do it "if he did not pay the banks 40 million euros every year in default interest for not managing SAS invoices well, if I would not have paid 2 million euros in bonuses to the SAS executives handpicked or if I had not paid 100 million a year in rents”. He also reminded him that he has outstanding refunds for an amount of 700 million, pending payments for 2.000 million, “not to mention the millions of euros defrauded in the ERE that he has given up recovering.

"Do the math and you will see that if you manage better, the professionals and the health of Andalusians will benefit," he said.

The president of the Andalusian PP assured that "health workers have been asking for years to listen to them and they are already tired of turning their backs on them despite the fact that they are the ones who with their lungs prevent the collapse of the health system." He affirmed that the Andalusian government "has squeezed them more than any other community despite the fact that they were already the ones that earned the least in Spain" and alluded to the additional reduction of 10% in all variable supplements and the imposition of the working day at 75% .

He added that as a result of these cuts, Andalusian toilets have lost between 3.000 and 10.000 euros gross per year since Díaz was president. She stressed that these cuts have not served to maintain employment, since since 2012 nearly 4.400 jobs have been destroyed; well above the national average and they have not recovered as Galicia or Extremadura have done, which have even increased the number of professionals.

He stated that "professionals are the heroes of our healthcare and the key to quality healthcare, which is why we have to pamper, recognize and protect them". Thus, he demanded that Díaz "have collective ambition for Andalusia and not just personal, think big and keep professionals away from the battlefield in which he likes to move so much and that gives so few results to Andalusians."