• Criticizes that Díaz was not able yesterday to give explanations or apologize for the damage that the socialist governments have done to the community
• “We must recover the 'Andalusia brand', which is now synonymous with the corruption of the PSOE”
• "We are going to roll out the red carpet for everyone who wants to generate progress and employment in the community"
• Juanma Moreno gives a conference in Jaén organized by Europa Press and presented by the president of the PP, Pablo Casado
• "Jaén is one of the provinces that would benefit from the Andalusian political change"

The president of the Andalusian PP and candidate for the Presidency of the Junta, Juanma Moreno, has expressed today the "disappointment" caused by the appearance yesterday of the president of the Junta, Susana Díaz, in the Senate, since "she was not able to give convincing explanations about what happened in recent years in Andalusia or apologize for the damage that socialist management has done to the community in the last 40 years.

"Either there is a change of government in Andalusia or socialism will continue to cover up the shame of the PSOE," said Moreno, who stressed that in order to "recover" and "clean" the 'Andalucía brand', "we must eradicate behaviors that have been tremendously harmful for the interests of the Andalusians”.

In this sense, he added that for the PP "it is an obligation to recover that brand that is now synonymous with irregularities, corruption and lack of efficiency in the management of public services by the PSOE government." "One has to open doors and windows once and for all so that clean air flows in the Junta de Andalucía”, he declared.

Juanma Moreno has participated this morning in an informative breakfast in Jaén, organized by the Europa Press agency, in which he has been presented by the president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado. There, he recalled that in the community "there is a majority of Andalusians who think that there has to be a political change" and recalled that "the only guarantee of calm, serene and reasonable change" can come from the Popular Party, "the only party that has never agreed with the PSOE in Andalusia”.

"We must not be afraid of change, what we must fear is the paralysis that we suffer in Andalusia," said the leader of the PP Andaluz. At this point, he criticized that Podemos "is willing to agree with the PSOE to maintain the same management model of these 40 years", and that Ciudadanos "has supported the PSOE like no one has done in the history of autonomy" and " after promising regeneration they have ended up succumbing to the all-powerful socialist apparatus”.


Regarding the tax model proposed by the Popular Party for Andalusia, Moreno insisted that his approach involves "making a tax revolution like no one has ever done in an autonomous community" with a "massive tax cut" that places taxation in Andalusia at the level of the community of Madrid. As examples, he cited the 99% discount on Inheritance and Gift Taxes and the lowering of Transfer Tax and Personal Income Tax.

In addition, he said that his project involves making Andalusia an attractive community for investments. “We are going to roll out the red carpet for everyone who wants to generate progress and employment in the community,” he added.

Thus, he said that the objective is that "whoever wants to invest and start producing in Andalusia can do it simply and easily in less than 90 days", for which, he stressed, it is necessary to end the "excessive bureaucracy" and the "administrative madness" that has led to the legislative management of socialist governments.

He explained that in recent years up to 5.000 orders have been approved "which in many cases are in contradiction with the legal frameworks" and proposed the implementation, as president of the Board, of a Commission for Legislative Optimization to achieve "stable legislative frameworks and transparent” that facilitate investments.

In addition, he highlighted his commitment to the self-employed so that they can open their business in 30 days by signing a declaration of compliance with administrative regulations.


In a provincial key, he reproached the Board for not having done "absolutely nothing" for Jaén in this three and a half year legislature and regretted that "one of the provinces with the most potential in Spain" does not have the level of progress and well-being it needs because "the government of the Junta has marginalized, forgotten and pushed Jaén to the side".

He criticized the "failure" of the socialist governments in the industrial development of the province, as has happened in Linares, and advanced that, with a PP government in the Junta, he will launch the Jaén Avanza Plan, with "extraordinary investments in collaboration with the social and business fabric” and will develop Integrated Territorial Investment (ITI) in the current financial framework of the EU.

In terms of infrastructure, it undertook to carry out the sections of the Olivar Highway from Martos to the border of the province and to launch the Jaén Best Communications Plan, with investments to improve the autonomously owned roads in the province .

He also advanced proposals in Health, after the "resounding failure" of the management of the Socialists, such as the Ciudad Sanitaria de Jaén; or the increase of midwives and pediatricians in the provinces.

"Jaén needs a boost, it can't wait any longer," said Moreno, who stated that it is "one of the provinces that would be better served by the Andalusian political change," he concluded.