• Requires you to stop lurching and be forceful with the Inheritance and Gift Tax

• Defends the protection of the red crab by all administrations

• He affirms that the PP is going to present initiatives to solve the problems that the sector has suffered for years.

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, has asked Ciudadanos today to stop being useful to the PSOE and to start being useful to the Andalusians, at the same time that he has demanded that they stop lurching in relation to the Tax on Inheritances and Donations, that is forceful and that is added to the bonus of this one.

"We have been in the legislature for more than two years where the PSOE depends in parliament on Ciudadanos and in which two budgets have been approved without this formation having been able to make any changes to this tax," he added.

Moreno, who has visited the area where the red crab is most exploited in Isla Mayor, has indicated that the PP wants to be useful to the Andalusians while criticizing that Ciudadanos only wants to be useful to the Andalusian socialists.

Likewise, he has asserted that Susana Díaz will have to rectify and make a modification of the Inheritance and Donations Tax and the accused of lying, since, as he has stressed, "she has always said that the Inheritance and Donations Tax was for the rich and day by day it it is showing that it taxes the middle and working classes.”

red crab farm

In relation to another matter, the popular Andalusian leader has affirmed that the exploitation of the red crab must be protected among all administrations and has alluded to the importance of the highway connection between Huelva and Cádiz because it will allow that in the geographical center is Isla Mayor and its products have more possibilities to compete.

In this sense, he recalled that the PP has taken initiatives in this regard to Congress and has stated that the Andalusian PP will insist both in Parliament and in Congress because, as he has pointed out, "we are talking about a lot of wealth, prosperity and positions of job".

The president of the popular Andalusians has ensured that the protection of the environment and economic activity are compatible and has asked the PSOE to join in making some of the legal modifications that must be carried out so that the gaps can be made to disappear existing laws.

In this way, he explained that the PP is going to present again the initiative to modify Law 42/2007 with which a solution can be found to the problems that the sector has suffered for too many years.

"If we are all sensitive enough, the appropriate changes can be made to strengthen this sector, so that it continues to be healthy and to continue generating wealth," he concluded.