• Remember the economic impact of 3.500 million in this sector, which generates 47.000 wages a year
  • Calls on the Board to implement the new regulations, which it compromised in 2011, as well as the general order of closures
  • "There is no one who better cares for the environment and natural areas than a hunter," he said.

 The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, held a meeting today in Antequera with the Andalusian Roundtable in Defense of Hunting to analyze their situation, in the face of breaches by the Board, and asked the president, Susana Díaz, to "protect and update” with this sector that he described as “essential for our economy”.

The meeting was attended by the president of the Board and also president of the Andalusian Hunting Federation, José María Mancheño, as well as the representatives of the Association of Game Owners (Ateca), Enrique Leyva, the Association of Game Producers (Aproca ), Marcos Feria, the Andalusian Association of Rehalas, Antonio Pinelo, the Association of Red Partridge Breeders of Andalusia (Acacta), José Miguel Trujillo, and the Andalusian Greyhound Federation, Amador Rodríguez.

Moreno described as "important" that political leaders maintain a fluid relationship with the Mesa de la Caza and recalled the impact that this sector has on our economy. "Hunting moves - he stated - 3.500 million euros a year, generates 47.000 wages and, in addition, thousands of indirect jobs derived from hunting tourism, which is increasingly in vogue."

The leader of the Andalusian PP was satisfied because hunting "is recovering and is close to values ​​close to those before the crisis, which is good news, especially for Andalusia." There are more than 7 million hectares dedicated to hunting activities, 80 percent of the Andalusian territory, more than 7.500 hunting reserves, 575 sports reserves, managed by hunting societies, and 240.000 hunting licences.

Moreno raised the need for a new hunting regulation to be soon in Andalusia, which the Junta committed to in 2011. "We are going to insist in the Andalusian Parliament on having a new regulation from now on, which simplifies the procedures, which includes new modalities hunting and greater involvement of the entire sector in decision-making”.

The president of the popular Andalusians also criticized that the Board has not yet published the General Order of Vedas. "Without this order," he recalled, "there is no calendar, the zones, modalities, limitations, exceptions are unknown, in short, you cannot know when you will be able to go hunting, when the rural municipalities will receive hunting tourism ”.

Moreno asked the regional administration to rely more on the sector and take into account its relationship with the environment. "There is no one who takes better care of the environment and natural areas than a hunter," he concluded.

On the precautionary suspension issued yesterday by the TC to the decree of the Junta that establishes 35 weekly working hours for public workers, he said that he, as president of the PP Andaluz, has not changed his position and that he is "in favor" of lift the precautionary measures; although he has stated that, as the Government has informed him, the precautionary suspension was coupled with the admission of the appeal for processing, "and it was practically impossible."

However, he has insisted that "we would not have reached these circumstances if the president of the Board had opted for the path of dialogue."

"Díaz has preferred a good confrontation and a good fight that could give him great headlines to scratch a handful of votes rather than a great agreement with the National Government," said the leader of the PP Andaluz, who reiterated the Government's willingness to dialogue.

In this sense, he said that the Government "is willing to sit down with the Board to identify in which sectors the 35-hour period can be applied and make the necessary regulatory modifications so that in 2018 they can be implemented in certain sectors."
Juanma Moreno demanded that Díaz "leave the confrontation as a political instrument" and that "he begin to defend the Andalusians, within the scope of his powers." "The conditions of Andalusian officials can be improved without entering the State's jurisdiction," she concluded.