• Warns that the negligence of Susana Díaz "is about to make Andalusia lose the European funds granted for these projects"

• Remember that the Junta has charged 512 million to the Andalusians for the "tax" of the water created in 2010 with the excuse of financing the works that have not been done

• He affirms that "Spain is a great nation that no one is going to break" and summons Susana Díaz to explain "what is that of plurinational Spain".

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, has today asked the Government of Spain to come out "to the rescue of Andalusia" and build the general interest treatment plants that the Junta de Andalucía has been unable to carry out despite having charged the Andalusians 512 million of euros for the “tax” of the water.

At the closing of the Andalusian PP Summer School, dedicated to the environment, Moreno recalled that the Board created this tax in 2010 with the excuse of financing works for water purification. Seven years later, Susana Díaz has invested less than one out of every three euros collected, according to Moreno, who has stated that Díaz suffocates taxes from citizens and has argued that Andalusians have paid 512 million euros for the water canon receipt after receipt and that more than 350 million collected have not been invested.

The president of the Andalusian PP has warned that there are "many millions of euros of European funds granted for those projects that are now at risk due to the negligence" of the president of the Board. For this reason, he has summoned the Government of Spain to execute the works declared to be of general interest, so as to avoid having to return those funds.

"The Government of Spain is going to do it", Moreno has announced, who has put this fact as an example of institutional loyalty. “Institutional loyalty consists of asking the other how you can help them; what the Board practices is confrontation, which consists of seeing how it can put its finger in your eye, ”he pointed out.

Moreno has asserted that the Andalusian Government is only concerned with the environment as a postcard image, while he has regretted that the entire budget available to it is not spent on fire prevention and that it does not comply with its obligations in terms of water depuration.

Thus, he has stressed that we must go much further in environmental protection policies and be more ambitious and has criticized the fact that the Díaz government lacks imagination, ambition and a far-reaching vision to face this situation with guarantees. “What is missing, deep down, is the capacity to manage public money. And that is where many of the problems we suffer in Andalusia come from”.


In another order of things, he has referred to the latest fires that have taken place in our community and has criticized that the Andalusian Government has stopped spending 20 million euros on the maintenance of firewalls.

In this way, it has influenced the fact that the PP has presented a PNL in the Andalusian Parliament on this matter and has announced that next week they are going to present a package of measures to reinforce the prevention and extinction of forest fires and alleviate the damage produced.

“The Andalusian PP is fully willing to collaborate in everything that is needed from the institutional and human point of view to recover the environment damaged by the fire as soon as possible. We are also going to collaborate, as is our obligation, making proposals, controlling the function of the government and demanding improvements. ”, He has sentenced.

In this regard, he has advocated making budgetary changes so that Infoca's endowments of human and material resources are increased this summer and to improve and modernize surveillance work with the incorporation of drones. "We want there to be multi-year planning for the prevention and extinction of forest fires and that it be published on the Board's Transparency Portal."

Finally, the president of the Andalusian PP has affirmed that "Spain is a great nation and no one is going to break it" while calling on Susana Díaz to "clarify what plurinational Spain is."

"The president of the Junta de Andalucía is silent in the face of this challenge," lamented Moreno, who pointed out that "this music sounds to us like asymmetry, inequality, that there may be first-class and second-class territories and people, and that is not We will agree to it."