• The president of the PPA highlights the good economic indicators that the community presents thanks to the Government of change and the road map that has been marked out

• "From the socialist power it was said that we had to resign ourselves to what we had, but the labels that predicted that with this change everything would get worse have fallen"

The president of the PPA and the Board, Juanma Moreno, explained this afternoon in Osuna that the good indicators that are being achieved in the Andalusian economy after little more than 100 days in government make him aim high. "Why can't we Andalusians lead the Spanish economy and be the benchmark in the country?" He asked himself.

The good economic results obtained, such as the 16.000 jobs created that reflects the EPA or that the community grows two tenths above the national average for the first time "are the consequence of the fact that there is a marked roadmap and the confidence is transferred that companies come and talent flourish”. However, he recalled that for this "it is necessary that we have allies in the town halls", for which he asked for support for the PP candidates.

He recalled how before the government of change arrived "from the socialist power we were told that we had to resign ourselves to what was there because there was nothing better, and they also included the element of fear." "Andalusia has now changed and the labels are falling that with this change everything would get worse, and it is not like that," the president stressed.

Thus, he highlighted how the Inheritance and Donations tax has been abolished, a section of the personal income tax has been lowered and its objective is to place Andalusia in one of the communities with the least fiscal pressure in the entire country. "This way we will all have more money in our pockets and we will be able to attract more wealth."

Moreno also highlighted among his main decisions the closure of "101 beach bars that were only used as a refuge for former socialist leaders", adding that "when changes are made normally and calmly, trust is generated.

I support Osuna
In the act of supporting the candidate for mayor, Jose Luis Rodriguez, assured that the municipality has "enormous potential for improvement and development than it already has" and that now it will be even better by having "an older brother with muscle in the presidency of the Junta de Andalucía". He also lamented the mismanagement that the socialist government has made at the head of the Ursaonese city council.