• The PPA will present in Parliament a law to lower personal income tax by 1,5 points in each regional section and new tax benefits
• Urges Díaz to point out "who has been the irresponsible person who has made the decisions of the judicial failure of the Nevada Case and what measures he is going to take"


The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, today proposed to Susana Díaz to negotiate the Andalusian Budget for next year because "Andalusians should rest assured that in 2019 we will have a budget that represents the majority and can be managed by a new government, we'll see if it's yours or mine."

Moreno questioned Díaz in the control session of the autonomous Parliament about the forecasts, lines of work, priorities and calendar to make "some accounts that really serve to create jobs, generate opportunities and improve services." He accused him of "generating uncertainty" and noted that "he does not respond because he has no idea what he wants to do, stop complaining and make the budget."

He urged Díaz to prepare "some accounts that allow us to face an election year and a possible change of government with guarantees and certainty." He indicated as basic objectives “to create employment by making reforms, lowering taxes and supporting entrepreneurs and the productive sectors; and increase investment in health and education”.

Juanma Moreno announced that the PPA will bring to the Chamber a bill to lower personal income tax by one and a half points in each of the autonomous sections and with new tax benefits, because "we can only create jobs if we lower taxes."

He assured that the PPA "is not going to give blank checks as Ciudadanos does", but he guaranteed a willingness to agree "if it is good for Andalusia." In this sense, he reproached Díaz for "he has always slammed the door on any proposed agreement and he has not cared if it was good for Andalusia", and he referred to the Andalusian Pact against Gender Violence, to an agreement on Health and to the Andalusian Pact for Education. He accused Díaz of applying "a veto on the PPA that is not reasonable and that has made Andalusians lose a lot of time and opportunities."


The president of the Andalusian PP referred to the 165 million euros that the “negligence” of the Díaz government in the Nevada Case will cost us. He stated that "it is a scandal that all Andalusians, not you or his government but all of us, are going to have to pay for his mismanagement." He urged Díaz to point out "who has been the irresponsible person who has made the decisions of this judicial failure and what measures he is going to take."