• He promises to implement a massive tax reduction plan when he is elected president of the Board.
• Regrets the Andalusian government's lack of ambition for this land and has insisted on the need for a revulsive in Andalusia

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, recalled today that both the PSOE and the Cs have vetoed in the Andalusian Parliament the proposals for tax cuts raised by the Popular Parliamentary Group, including the Tax on Documented Legal Acts. She criticizes that Susana Díaz, despite having regulatory capacity, has not announced a reduction of it until now to make her political action profitable.

"In Andalusia the general rate has been maintained at the maximum of 1,5% by the socialist government supported by CS, which have vetoed the proposals that the Andalusian PP has been raising for the reduction of this tax."

Moreno, who gave a conference at the informative breakfast organized by the Seville Chamber of Commerce Foundation, stressed that yesterday we all expected Sánchez and Díaz to talk about the abolition of this tax and stated that the measure proposed by the President of the Government it does not solve the problem because the bank will pass on to the client the payment of the tax with the highest financial cost of the mortgage. "Therefore, it goes from a direct payment to an indirect payment to which citizens and customers will be subjected."

Moreno has affirmed that Andalusia has everything to be a prosperous region but has regretted that it does not occupy the place it deserves and has affirmed that this is partly due to the suffocating fiscal pressure that it suffers because Andalusians are the ones that pay the most taxes from Spain.

In this way, he has promised that when he is elected president of the Board, he will implement a massive tax reduction plan to make Andalusia equal to the more prosperous community that is Madrid. "We can surpass Madrid if we have the same taxation and we can turn it into a magnet for investment both nationally and abroad."

Likewise, he has alluded to the need to eliminate the Inheritance and Donations Tax because, as he has said, it is unfair that Andalusians have to pay twice for the same good and has announced that the Andalusian PP will reduce the section of the regional personal income tax until it is close to the 2,5 points, as Madrid already does, the Transmission tax with bonuses for investments aimed at starting businesses that create employment, prices and public rates for investors to come to Andalusia.

The popular Andalusian leader has recalled other measures proposed by the Andalusian PP such as the return of 20% of the electricity bill for average families and for the self-employed with incomes of less than fifty thousand euros.

Thus, he has highlighted the important role of the self-employed and has stressed that we must help them with the electricity rate that has not stopped rising.

In addition to tax pressure, he has also highlighted the enormous bureaucracy that exists in Andalusia as other reasons that prevent our community from prospering.

“The drawers of the Board are cemeteries of business initiatives. When I am president of the Junta de Andalucía we are going to do a regulatory pruning to generate activity for the administrations, eliminating bureaucratic obstacles and establishing very clear frameworks”.

In this way, he has added that in the last six years the BOJA has published more than 40 laws, 1.600 decrees and more than 5.400 orders, even contradicting each other.

For this reason, he has asserted that the Optimization Commission will be in charge of repealing the laws that must be repealed, especially those that limit job creation and has advocated applying support measures for the self-employed and entrepreneurs and laying out a red carpet for those who create jobs instead of putting stones and fences in their way.

“In Andalusia, it will be possible to open a business on average between 30 days for the self-employed and 90 for more complex sectors from an industrial point of view. We will set the legal objective that in less than three months anyone who wants to open a business can do so and start making it profitable”.

The president of the popular Andalusians has alluded to the importance of carrying out a reform of the land law in Andalusia because, as he has said, "it is one of the uneconomic laws of our land" and has defended the payment to suppliers that with Rajoy it was shown that it was a success and that Andalusia needs it so much.

“The Government of Sánchez plans a rise of 260 euros a year for the self-employed. They want them to be the ones who pay the price for their deviations to secessionism and radicals and this is unfortunate because the self-employed are a fundamental part of our land and they must be protected and taken care of”.

For this reason, he recalled the proposal of the Andalusian PP for one more year of flat rate for the self-employed and a two-year zero contribution to social security for the self-employed under 30 years of age.

Moreno has denounced the lack of service instruments for the development of the Andalusian company. “For years entrepreneurs have been criminalized and there has been a lack of business culture and a government determined to open the doors to the economy. The private initiative is the one that comes out of the street and society and the one that is transformed is progress, well-being and employment. We need to get rid of those complexes that the left has tried to introduce into the economic culture and talk about businessmen and the self-employed because Andalusia needs to generate employment”.

At this point, he has indicated that Andalusia has almost a million unemployed and has stressed the need to create jobs, something that can only be done through social initiatives and employers. "I want businessmen to come and break those barriers, for talented young people to leave their training thinking about what company they can set up to generate employment."

Also, he has defended the importance of creating a virtual office for self-employment to enhance attention to the self-employed who carry out their activity, avoiding the dispersion that causes them problems.
The popular leader has assured that "in Andalusia that wants public investment in crucial infrastructures because they unite the Andalusian territory and also create employment, wealth and added value."

“We are in a government that wants to stay in power and that does not make Andalusia advance. We are going to test a plan for the recovery of public investment and infrastructures to guarantee cohesion and equal opportunities so that there is greater development and structuring of infrastructures”.

In this sense, it has opted to work to carry out fundamental initiatives for the cohesion of Andalusia and to avoid gaps between Andalusia first and second.

He has also alluded to his commitment to an industrial plan for strategic sectors in Seville such as agri-food, aeronautics or automobiles and has had an impact on strengthening industrial leadership and commitment to them.

“Guaranteeing cultural tourism is essential. The Palacio de San Telmo must be opened to the public and introduced into tourist routes. Seville has everything to shine with its own light. It is universal capital and must recover its splendor”.

Moreno has lamented the Andalusian government's lack of ambition for this land and has insisted on the need for a boost in Andalusia "because opportunities go away and don't always come back."

“Andalusia needs to wake up from a lethargy that lasts too long. We have an opportunity in the face of the elections of the December 2. These represent a plebiscite in which the decision to be made is whether we want to continue with 40 years of socialism in Andalusia and continue on the same path knowing the situation that our community is going through and that our land is not prosperous or are we committed to a reasonable change, calm down now better".