• The president of the Andalusian PP calls for "high vision" and says that a period of dialogue and search for meeting points is now open with the aim of improving Andalusia

• Asks the parties to "avoid the temptation of tactics" to build change on the basis of agreement and dialogue

The president of the Andalusian PP and candidate for the Presidency of the Junta, Juanma Moreno, said today that "political change is beginning to take shape", after yesterday's constitution of Parliament, and has stressed that the stage that now opens until the investiture and the formation of government "requires political height and responsibility."

“The Andalusians have told us that they want change and that with the current policies they did not see a horizon of prosperity; that mandate has to be the compass that guides us these days”, said the leader of the Andalusian PP, who said that there is still “much to be done”, with the objective, he reiterated, of “seeking meeting points to improve Andalusia”.

During his speech at the meeting of the Autonomous Board of Directors, Moreno acknowledged to Ciudadanos and Vox their "responsibility" to close the agreements with the Popular Party, and appealed for that sense of responsibility on the part of the parties, to which he asked that the "values" that guide their actions be motivated "by the desire and dream to change things."

In addition, he urged all political formations to "remove the temptation of tactics." "Now it's time for generosity and humility to build and find solutions to the problems of Andalusians," he said, while asking the PSOE for "humility" in this new stage. “Democracy is recognizing results,” he added.

Juanma Moreno pointed out that now there is an "exciting challenge" ahead and announced that the new government "is going to listen to all Andalusians and govern for all Andalusians" after four decades of socialist hegemony.

He pointed out that the new government "will make a banner of depoliticization" and that in addition to changing policies "they will change styles." Thus, he said that "the command and command is over" for the groups of professionals, to whom he assured that "they will always be listened to to solve their problems"; and he promised to "work hard" so that those young people who left Andalusia to be able to work "can return if they want to work on their land."

Juanma Moreno also thanked the entire Popular Party for the work carried out during the campaign to achieve political change and its entire trajectory for almost four decades. “I have deep respect for the party's initials and for all those who have made history. A collective history that we have built between each and every one of the PP militants. We are all participants in the political change in Andalusia ”, she concluded.