• The president of the Andalusian PP has highlighted that "social policies are shown every day and with facts"
  • For Moreno "the PSOE does not have the legitimacy to give lessons to the PP in social matters when the Board has more than 130.000 dependents without care"

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, has assured today during the presentation of the Social Report together with the Deputy Secretary of Sector of the Popular Party, Javier Maroto that "more employment must be generated to be able to implement more social policies"

In this sense, Moreno has highlighted that "when there is a government that does things well, more economic activity is generated, there is more employment, there is more income and therefore more resources to carry out social policies."

"If in Andalusia we have less employment than the rest of Spaniards, we will have worse social policies" recalled Moreno, who emphasized that "in the PP we are tired of hearing that we do not have the legitimacy to talk about social policies when the PSOE has to people waiting to be operated on and to 130.000 unattended dependents”.

The leader of the popular Andalusians has explained that "to implement social policies, sensitivity is also needed and the PSOE has shown that" it does not have it after seeing hundreds of thousands of citizens demanding something as fair and necessary as decent healthcare for everyone and reject a debate on public health in Andalusia ”.

For this reason, Moreno has insisted that "the PSOE is wrong because the health of all Andalusians well deserves a general policy debate in Parliament and has asked the president to" make an effort of sensitivity, concern, commitment, to listen to health professionals who ask that this model be changed”

"Susana Díaz has to worry about the problems of the Andalusians because the internal troubles of the political parties do not give a damn to the Andalusians" Moreno stated.

The president of the Andalusian PP has asked the PSOE to "go down a step and listen to the claims that we make from the PP because social policy is demonstrated every day and with facts."

Juanma Moreno recalled that “from the PP we are not going to stop, we are going to continue working with a lot of head to attend to the policies that we need in Andalusia. We Andalusians hurt and we will demonstrate with our actions and with sensitive and sensible initiatives that we are an alternative, here is a political project with a heart and a head, for Andalusia and the Andalusians.”